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A luxury stay for a weekend in the Bahamas

Made up of more than 700 islands, the Bahamas archipelago is a true tourist pearl located in the heart of the Caribbean region. Its white sand beaches and translucent lagoons have earned it immortalization on many postcards and souvenir photos. Vacationers can devote more than 5 to enjoy their beautiful relaxing stays. But they can also opt for a luxurious weekend excursion.

Find luxury accommodation in the Bahamas

As a major tourist destination, the archipelago has extensive infrastructure to accommodate travelers and allow them to better enjoy their stay in the Bahamas. Hosting solutions are one of them. Luxury hotels are built on many of these islands. The choice of establishment will depend on individual needs.

For families, the sumptuous villas and residences of Paradise Island will be perfect. Vacationers have private access to a long stretch of white sand beach as well as a turquoise blue sea. The brands have outdoor swimming pools and beautiful gardens for those who prefer to stay at the hotel. The accommodation includes various sections, including a health and wellness center where you can practice yoga or relax with beautiful massage sessions in the spas. Golf courses and a tennis court have been set up on the estate.

Couples will certainly prefer a more particular, more romantic, more refined setting. A luxury they could afford by choosing the sumptuous hotels in Nassau. Lovers will love the ambiance of statues, fountains and Roman columns which intensifies the charm of each room. In addition to the indoor pools and the usual amenities, the establishments offer great activities in their package. For a luxury weekend, boat trips and diving circuits are the most recommended.

A weekend of cruising and discovery in the Bahamas

For those who plan their entire stays on the sea, boats in the Bahamas are equipped with comfortable cabins and suites. The larger ships even have lavish bedrooms that make you feel like you are in a villa. This other option will allow holidaymakers to discover the archipelago over the water while having the chance to make a few stops to visit the most beautiful islands in the region. The excursion can, for example, start in Nassau where families will have time to have fun in the theme parks and admire picturesque landmarks such as Christ Church Cathedral and The Cloisters Nassau.

Cruise passengers will then resume the tour to Grand Bahama. This other locality has activities that will satisfy water sports enthusiasts. Kayaking, surfing, swimming, various leisure activities are to be expected. And for young couples, romantic jeep safaris or bike rides will take them to discover the magnificent landscapes, but also the peculiarities of the region’s fauna and flora.

Diving and snorkelling will be the favorite activities in the case of the islands of Andros and Bimini. Many diving spots are accessible to enthusiasts. The snorkeling sessions will allow them to explore the famous underwater sites, coral gardens and wrecks lost at the bottom of the water. The collection of Blue Holes by Andros and the Victory Reef by Bimini are some of the sections not to be missed.

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