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Aquarium or Zoo: book your trip with Infinity Luxe Chauffeur, the guarantee of a free-spirited outing!

Do your children want a special outing? Do you want a getaway to a Zoo or an Aquarium to spend lovely moments with loved ones and discover all the wonders of nature? Between the hassle of finding a hotel or ticketing for the whole family, you also have to worry about the journey and your fatigue. Look no further: Infinity Luxe Chauffeur, in addition to offering you high quality services in terms of high-end and comfortable vehicles, also offers to drive you to the Zoo or Aquarium of your choice. Make the most of your visit without cluttering your mind!

Private drivers at your entire disposal

Bilingual, helpful, polite, punctual and professional, Infinity Luxe Chauffeur’s private drivers will give you the best possible welcome. Meeting all your wishes in terms of travel and comfort, they will guide you with confidence to the place of your getaway. Aboard a luxurious vehicle, for large families or not, let your mind rest and enjoy unforgettable moments, without any constraints.

Zoo or Aquarium everywhere in France: the choice is yours

Everywhere in France, Infinity Luxe Chauffeur offers to guide you to the Zoo or Aquarium of your choice, for your greatest pleasure … and comfort! Focus on the non-exhaustive list of all the places where it is possible to go in the company of a private driver at your entire disposal.

Beauval Zoo

Renowned as the largest Zoo in France, welcoming rare species of animals, and more recently recognized around the world for the birth of a baby panda, Beauval Zoo is the Zoo not to be missed. In order to make the most of all the riches offered by this magnificent Zoo, call on the services of Infinity Luxe Chauffeur to drive you there and travel with peace of mind!

Thoiry Park

At the gates of Paris, come and discover the hectic life of animals in total freedom. Fascinating zoo for young and old, let yourself be lulled by unparalleled conviviality. To drive you to this family park, Infinity Luxe Chauffeur offers you to provide you with a private driver who will guide you to the entrance to Parc de Thoiry and will take you home safely. So that Parisian traffic does not ruin your day, do not hesitate!

Nausicaà Aquarium

Aquarium and visit renowned throughout France, the Aquarium Nausicaà invites you to discover the most widespread marine species in the world as well as the rarest. Discoveries and amazements will await you on this unforgettable visit! So that nothing gets in the way of your getaway, think of Infinity Luxe Chauffeur’s private chauffeurs for your journey!

Exceptional trip? Family discoveries or a simple stroll? The Zoos and Aquariums of France await your visit. As for the trip, call on the prestigious services of Infinity Luxe Chauffeur to drive you to the doors of your favorite Zoos and Aquariums, so you can enjoy your getaway in all serenity and without thinking about the hassle of a trip. lambda! Palmyre Zoo, Océanopolis, African Safari Zoo, Flèche Zoo, Tropical Aquarium of Porte Dorée, Sea Life, or even the City of the Sea, anything is possible! Your destination is not in this non-exhaustive list? Contact Infinity Luxe Chauffeur without further delay and ask for a personalized quote, the teams will be happy to meet your needs!

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