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Argentina, a touristic gem in South America

Those who have never had a vacation in Argentina are invited to visit this part of the American continent. This South American country attracts thousands of travelers thanks to its many charming places. To begin their Argentina tours, travelers will go to the southernmost city on the planet, Ushuaia. This capital of the province of Tierra del Fuego has so much to offer its visitors. During their stay in this metropolis, history buffs will discover the End of the World Museum, open to the public since 1979. This establishment exhibits the different ethnic groups and the first settlers who settled on the island. This building also preserves the imposing figurehead of the Duchess of Albany, reproductions of yamana canoes and pieces of basketry. Backpackers will also not fail to spot a magnificent collection of naturalized birds from Tierra del Fuego and more than 3,400 contemporary works.

Other tourist attractions in the city of Ushuaia

While in the city of Ushuaia, nature lovers will have the opportunity to explore Tierra del Fuego National Park. This protected area of nearly 63,000 ha was created in 1960 to preserve the flora and fauna of the region. This site is made up of streams and mountain ranges to the delight of hikers. A stroll on site will allow travelers to discover a wide variety of mammals such as the Magellanic fox, the guanaco and the sea otter. For ornithology enthusiasts, they will be delighted by observing many species of birds such as the Turkey Vulture, the Aguia Hawk and the Crested Caracara. In this park, they will also have the opportunity to admire the flight of the Andean condor, a diurnal bird of prey with a wingspan of around 3.7 m. In addition, backpackers will be able to take a boat ride on the Beagle Channel while contemplating and photographing the splendor of the landscape. Apart from that, the metropolis of Ushuaia is home to various monuments that are worth a detour during their tours in Argentina. There is, among others, Islas Malvinas Square.

On the way to the city of Buenos Aires, the Argentinian capital

Tourists will continue their Argentina tour in the country’s capital, Buenos Aires. This metropolis of around 3,090,000 inhabitants is recognized worldwide for its famous opera house “Colón Theater” which is sure to delight lovers of the lyrical art. They will be fascinated by the talents of different artists during a show. Culture enthusiasts will also find their account during their stay in this town. During their trip to Buenos Aires, they will be able to discover, for example, the National Museum of Fine Arts of Argentina, located in the Recoleta district. This establishment, inaugurated on July 16, 1895, exhibits more than 12,000 paintings, sculptures and tapestries. In addition, visitors will admire various works by Argentinian artists such as Cándido López, Castagnino and Benito Quinquela Martín. To end their journey in this part of the American continent, they will walk on the Place de Mai where the equestrian statue of General Manuel Belgrano stands. The latter is the author of the Argentine flag.