Infinity Luxe Chauffeur

VIP Bodyguard Service

Protection of people in France and internationally

Your security is our priority

If you thought that Infinity Luxe Chauffeur was just a private chauffeur company, you will be surprised by our bodyguard service. Yes, you read that correctly, we can also provide your protection, whatever the situation.

Our private assistance and close protection missions are carried out by rigorously experienced agents selected for their seriousness, their skills and their professionalism.

Infinity Luxe Chauffeur provides you with armored cars with agents who will take care of your protection, in all discretion. So, if you need a safe chauffeur-driven car to take you to an event party, then we have the service for you.

From the simplest to the most complex service, our agents will respond to all your requests while respecting your privacy. We can intervene in Paris region, throughout France and even abroad, whether for a short mission or a mission of long lasting.

This bodyguard service includes (depending on your needs):

  • Close protection and personal chauffeur Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Boutiques, department stores
  • Clubs, bars, lounge
  • Public, private events
  • Businesses
  • Luxury car with driver
  • Armored car
  • Professionals and individuals

So if you need a punctual and discreet agent who takes care of your protection close, when making your reservation, mention the bodyguard service. To contact us, it’s very simple, just send us an email, give us a call or fill out the form just below. Once your reservation is made, we provide you with an armored car, a bodyguard or a car with a safe driver who can drive you and pick you up wherever you want, all over the world.

Infinity Luxe Chauffeur makes it a point of honor to fully satisfy you by offering you personalized services. All our drivers and our agents are very professional and will guarantee you quality services in vehicles luxury. So don’t wait for any longer, let us know your requests and we will take care of them with great professionalism. Whether you are a private individual or a professional, we will meet your expectations in the same way so that you can be satisfied with them.

The bodyguard service allows us to stand out from the competition. Indeed, Infinity Luxe Chauffeur is not just a simple company of private drivers , we can also ensure your protection and we can also take care of certain daily tasks thanks to the concierge service, an innovative service and that will save you a lot of time.

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