Infinity Luxe Chauffeur

Infinity Luxe Chauffeur, partner of Paris Fashion Week

Infinity Luxe Chauffeur recently became a partner of Paris Fashion Week. The advantage of this partnership is that it will make it easy for you to find a luxury car with a private chauffeur for all your trips during this world famous event. With such a partnership, we can take care of deploying a model’s chauffeur, celebrity transportations or even welcoming students. If Paris Fashion Week chose Infinity Luxe Chauffeur, it is certainly not for nothing. Indeed, our elegant drivers are all bilingual, which facilitates your trips and those of the celebrities for whom we offer our services. So if you too need a private chauffeur, made like Paris Fashion Week, trust Infinity Luxe Chauffeur.

Why choose Infinity Luxe Chauffeur?

At events like Paris Fashion Week, celebrities need the ability to rely on a discreet and professional driver. But the peculiarity of Infinity Luxe Chauffeur is that we offer the same services, whether for individuals, professionals or celebrities. Our private drivers do everything they can to offer you quality services that are personalized according to your needs, which is not negligible. With Infinity Luxe Chauffeur, you’ll feel like the VIP that you are every time you travel with us.

Infinity Luxe Chauffeur, top-of-the-range services at your disposal

As you will understand, Infinity Luxe Chauffeur is a private chauffeur company allowing you to offer the services of a chauffeur just for you, aboard a luxury vehicle. But in addition to our passenger transport services, we also offer various other equally interesting services. For example, do you know our concierge service? This allows you to ask an experienced driver to pick up your clothes from the dry cleaners, pick up your medicines in a pharmacy, organize your trip with a travel agency or even pick up your children at the hotel. school. This innovative service will be of great use to you on a daily basis.

Reservations for private drivers are very simple since they can be made on our website as well as by phone or by contacting us using the form provided for this purpose on our site. When making your reservation, choose from a fleet of top-of-the-range vehicles. You can even opt for a yacht, helicopter or private jet if that’s what you need. In addition, be aware that Infinity Luxe Chauffeur also offers a bodyguard service.

For all these reasons, Paris Fashion Week chose us as a partner, that’s why you should do the same too. Anyway, whatever your request, let us know and we will study it carefully. All our private drivers are at your service to allow you to make pleasant journeys, whatever your destination.

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