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Infinity Luxe Chauffeur: the reference site for renting Luxury Minibuses

Do you have a group outing planned? With friends, colleagues or family, it is not always easy to get around and participate in an activity: the first are late, others cannot come because of transport or some have not found the place. address … in short, outings organized in groups can quickly turn out to be a real headache for the organizer as well as for the participants. But have you thought about transport by Mini Bus? Its advantages are numerous, and its price with Infinity Luxe Chauffeur remains accessible and much cheaper than another solution. A private driver? Even better, you will be able to enjoy the joys of your outing with family or friends, with peace of mind. Focus on the different options and solutions offered by the reference site in the matter.

A private Mini Bus driver for your group outings: the ideal alternative!

Because a private driver is not only luxury and is not intended only for the journeys of very wealthy individuals, let yourself be tempted by the offers of unparalleled quality offered by the company Infinity Luxe Chauffeur.
Whether for city tours in Paris or in Europe, or for long-distance journeys or to a specific destination during business seminars, for example, call on the high-end services of Infinity Luxe Chauffeur by booking a private driver who will be totally devoted to you during your journeys. Discreet, bilingual and unparalleled professionalism, Infinity Luxe Chauffeur’s private drivers will take your group in a Mini Bus, wherever they want and thus, leaving the individual organizers free and peaceful, who will undoubtedly benefit of this prestigious service to have a hassle-free journey with the people accompanying them!

Adapted and prestigious vehicles at your disposal

In addition to offering a range of luxury and prestige vehicles, Infinity Luxe Chauffeur sees further. The company also offers the possibility of renting with private driver, vehicles specially designed to travel your friends, colleagues or your family in groups. Ideal not to separate or not to make the trip on your own and therefore avoid all problems! Among its “Special Mini Bus” range, Infinity Luxe Chauffeur offers reassuring and prestigious models such as 15-seater, 19-seater, 24-seater Mercedes Sprinter or 25-seater Iveco DAILY REVOLUTION.
Leather interior, WiFi available, microphone or even TV screen, everything is possible, and all the “Mini Bus” vehicles offered by Infinity Luxe Chauffeur are equipped with prestigious options, which will facilitate your journey and enhance it with pleasure. Travel with peace of mind!

Need to travel with others? Seminars, long-distance trips with friends or accompanied by your family, Infinity Luxe Chauffeur bends over backwards to satisfy you and offers you for hire, its range of luxurious Mini Buses, equipped with prestigious options, with private driver, to make your a journey that is all the more pleasant and thus make your life easier in all your group trips!

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