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TOP 10 Rio De Janeiro


In this Top 10 things to do we are talking about the second largest city in Brazil, Rio De Janeiro.
This city is incredible, because it is densely populated, the city have very different neighborhoods from each other due to inequalities, it has it’s world famous beach and a culture that accompanies it, the climate and the atmosphere that continue to attract visitors.

Here is our Top 10 things to do in Rio De Janeiro :


The favelas :

The favelas are an integral part of Rio De Janeiro culture and history, they are no longer simple slum. Moreover, we see them in many films, proof of the symbol they represent for Rio De Janeiro.
At the time, it was impossible for tourists to be able to walk in these neighborhoods, because crime was high and very dangerous, between the various gangs and criminals who lived there and raged.
Nowadays, they are accessible as long as you go there with an experienced guide or driver, make sure to contact us to avoid any inconvenience.


The immense botanical garden of Rio De Janeiro :

We have here a magnificent botanical garden of 140 hectares, which has been classified as a biosphere reserve by UNESCO.
This garden is home to 40,000 plants spread over more than 6,000 different species, some of them threatened with extinction.
This place will mark a pleasant downtime and break during your stay. Far from the hustle and bustle of the city and sheltered from the heat, you can walk along the various lakes, fountains and paths while admiring the vegetation of this garden of capital importance for the country.


The Selaron staircase :

It is a renowned tourist spot located in the historic center of the old town, Selarón stairs.
These 250 steps of all colors have been assembled with tiles from all over the world and many different patterns for 20 years by the artist Jorge Selarón, seen from afar the tiles of the staircase form the colors of Brazil.
Many music videos have been shot on this famous staircase that connects the neighborhoods of Gloria and Santa Teresa.


The beaches of Rio De Janeiro :

Impossible to think of Rio De Janeiro without thinking of its beaches. The two best known and visited are those of Copacabana and Ipanema.
Copacabana is one of the most famous beaches in the world, with its 4.5 km of sand, its promenade for shopping, eating, drinking, and even walking makes it a very popular beach in the city.
It was very frequented by the Jet set at the time and keeps a dreamy image in the imagination of visitors but nowadays everyone goes there, at New Year a fireworks show takes place there.
Ipanema, on the other hand, is the second most famous beach in Rio De Janeiro. Itinerant traders bring you drinks, food and local specialties such as the Acai Bowl directly to your pitches to let you bask in the sun on your towel as much as possible. Symbolic beach of bossa nova, there are also many luxury shops all around.
Going to the beach is a mandatory activity if you want to live Rio De Janeiro as it should be, you can make your choice now or visit all the beaches of Rio to make up your mind.


Rio Carnival :

We are talking here about an event that takes place once a year, but it is impossible to talk about Rio De Janeiro without mentioning its carnival.
The Rio Carnival is special, it is probably the biggest show in the world and the most spectacular and colorful. Decorations, joy, samba and dancers in costumes are in the spotlight for 5 days.
It is the most important celebration in Brazil and Rio de Janeiro where millions of people participate every year for the carnival.


The Corcovado and its Christ the Redeemer :

The Corcovado is a 710 meters high peak nestled in the Tijuca forest, it is the peak that carries the statue of Christ the Redeemer who looks down on the city of Rio De Janeiro.
Classified as a historical monument, this statue is one of the 7 wonders of the world, 750,000 visitors visit Corcovado each year for its view overlooking Rio, but above all for this important monument 38 meters high, but you will have to earn it by climbing 222 steps to a panoramic view of the city and several subjects of this TOP.


Sugar Loaf Mountain :

This is the place that will ensure you the best view of all of Rio de Janeiro thanks to its 396 meters of altitude, “Pão de Açúcar” the Sugar Loaf Mountain.
To get there, you will have to climb aboard a cable car with glassed window, which will allow you to enjoy the climb and the view of the beaches and monuments of the city.
It is a must for visitors to Rio de Janeiro, many tourists come there every year.


The largest urban forest in Tijuca :

The largest urban forest in the world is in Rio de Janeiro and is called Tijuca Forest.
These 3,200 hectares have been declared a World Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO. This tropical forest is more lush than the one you have seen in any adventure movie, you can see different species of plants, trees and animals such as toucans or monkeys.
Several waterfalls are found in this forest as well as viewpoints from which to admire elements of the city such as Christ the Redeemer.
Be sure to take an experienced guide or driver so you don’t get lost in this forest.
Not far from the forest, you will find the Lage Park which houses an art school and a café for a well-deserved break.


The district of Santa Teresa :

The district of Santa Teresa is full of charm, located at the top of a hill, we find its cobbled streets, its architecture, its shops, cafes, museums and artists studios which make it a popular district of Rio.
It is the perfect neighborhood to spend a nice evening and have a drink, Santa Teresa has a unique atmosphere in Rio.


Maracana Stadium :

You doubt that if we make a Top on the capital of a country whose football is a religion, we must necessarily mention a stadium somewhere.
The Maracanã stadium is a huge stadium that can accommodate 78,000 people seated and 250,000 standing.

You can visit this incredible stadium and see its different stands, conference room and its museum to begin to get an idea of ​​​​the importance that football has for Brazil.
Do not hesitate, if you are a football fan yourself, to attend a match on Sunday.

You have our Top 10 things to do in Rio De Janeiro, you will have understood the size and diversity of this city will allow you to enjoy the beach, enjoy incredible views and visit mythical places of national importance and international.
Do not hesitate to contact us to be accompanied during your stay, some of these places require experienced drivers and guides.

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