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Kenya, a top destination for family vacations

If you are going to Kenya with the family, going on safaris is not really recommended. These excursions require endurance and patience, qualities that children do not always have. That said, rest assured, in this country you will find many other leisure activities to undertake.

Go to Diani Beach

Diani Beach is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful beaches in Africa. Who wouldn’t be seduced by its white sand, turquoise sea and tropical atmosphere? This corner of paradise is an ideal place to swim or sunbathe during a Kenya stay. Better yet, by going to this seaside site, you can make pretty sandcastles with your children. Alternatively, you can also take them snorkeling off the shore. A coral reef borders this beach. As a result, there are hardly any swells on the horizon. Other than that, in order to eat you won’t have to go very far, there are a few restaurants near Diani Beach. You just have to go to a travel site to find the right addresses. In addition, a small village is located near the beach. At first glance, it is not of much interest, but this locality is dotted with a few huts serving as holiday accommodation.

Visit the Giraffe Center

Although going on nature safaris with children is not really an option, you may still see animals outside of national parks during your stay in Kenya. The Giraffe Center, for example, is a place where you can take your toddlers without too much difficulty. As the name suggests, this reserve is mainly about giraffes. Although this protected area is not a zoo equipped with cages, you should know that you can enjoy privileged contact with these mammals during your visit. A raised platform has been installed so that you can teach giraffes to feed at height, just as they will in the bush. For information, this center was created to reintroduce Rothschild giraffes in Ruma and Lake Nakuru national parks. As for the entrance fee, it is around KSh 1,000 for adults and around KSh 600 for children.

Escape to the Karura Forest

If your kids like to go on hikes, why not take them to Karura Forest. The latter is located in the heart of the Kenyan capital, Nairobi. According to many eco-tourists, the best time to go is January through March. The Karura forest is perfect for bike rides or on foot. In addition, many other activities await you during your stay in Kenya. Note that this site has a tennis court where you will have the opportunity to play with your toddlers. Also remember to bring some sandwiches and drinks. The forest has a picnic area at your disposal in case you get hungry. What more could you ask for to spend a quiet time with your family away from the urban turmoil? To have access to this corner of paradise, you just have to pay around 700 KSh per adult and nearly 600 KSh per child.

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