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Luxury real estate rental at the best price

It’s 2021, when David stays in a majestic hotel with idyllic decor dotted with sumptuous architecture. In the company of his wife, he planned to crown this business trip with a long romantic getaway to meet two in a romantic atmosphere. But nothing goes as planned! This prestige, which is somewhat similar to the others, only traps them in an impression of “déjà vu”…

There David meet all his tastes and desires. Luxurious dream villa offering magnificent panoramic views; a prestigious private corner to touch the comfort of a luxury home. Enchanting riad which exudes all the originality of local craftsmanship; a luxury experience with a delicious traditional taste.

Wonderfully new experience in luxury homes

Eager to delight his pupils, he discovers a whole other beauty. Luxurious loft with a refined interior telling a thousand and one secrets. A marvelous chateau to enjoy the life of a manor steeped in history as well as a stay that is as authentic as it is unusual. A rooftop where you can capture the magnificence of your favorite city, quiet and under the benevolent heat of the sun. Estate that has something to satisfy all its desires and those of its possible numerous guests. Splendid apartment with exceptional architecture and unique and refined decoration…

But the surprises are far from over… The happiness is immense when David knows that he can afford endless choices around the world, for his vacations or his business trips. Being one of the followers of the art of living, his fulfillment is fulfilled when he manages to combine work and entertainment. Being able to do it differently and as a couple motivates him so much!

He can rejoice in the symbol of romanticism – Paris – through its cultural life and its attractions, its classic storefronts and its contemporary architecture. He enjoys being able to admire its peculiar streets and rich museums while being sure to return, at the end of the visit, to a place where he feels the luxurious authenticity. Far from routine luxury, he can finally breathe prestigious charm quietly in the company of his beloved, artistically combining business travel and leisure.

But that’s not all… The beauty does not seem to stop!

He sees himself quietly sipping mint tea in one of the inspiring corners of the Riad. This gives him the state of mind he needs to carry out his projects, but also for hikes in the old Medina of Marrakech. By getting lost in the alleys of the souks to discover the masterpieces of traditional Moroccan art.

At nightfall, he hears the laughter of Marrakchies — renowned for their sense of humor and “joie de vivre” — mingled with the fleeting moment of wonder of the sunset. He is impatient to return to the Riad to live there overnight like a real pasha. The next day, he finds himself nicely overwhelmed by the traditional Arab-Andalusian atmosphere of the Riad. The fresh air in the central patio gives it a soothing well-being. Trees, greenery, pond and fountain make up a beautiful painting by Nature, enough to indulge yourself in luxury surrounded by spontaneity.

Luxury real estate rental services are also in the vibrant capital of England. With a charm, unlike anywhere in the world, the entire London art scene is housed within these luxurious mansions he is discovering. They make him want to savor the gastronomy that takes him to the four corners of the world. Architecture gives it a sense of belonging without losing the attractiveness of a new experience that resembles it.

Luxury private concierge services make everyday life easier

In New York, Miami, Monaco, Marbella and other cities, the difference that David continues to feel in these luxurious residences is the height of satisfaction. His fascination is such that he decides to book immediately. And here’s another surprise, he can also afford a concierge service.

It’s a real asset to him that he couldn’t find elsewhere. Curious by nature and calm mind, he prefers to relax and focus on what interests him or pleases him. Now and at his request, he can delegate certain laborious daily tasks. Shopping, organizing certain events, picking up a package, cleaning your car in a car wash, etc.

Luxury lover, but looking for originality? Join us!

If the line of luxurious residences continues to tell the story of the beautiful journey, it is thanks to you. So come alongside us to write the history of this universe where the authenticity and uniqueness of each place complement its beauty. Like David, you are greeted with the comfort of warm luxury during your business trip or while on vacation. Whether you are alone, as a couple, or with friends, we will meet your requirements.

Each home we offer is a beautiful encounter between our values and our criteria of excellence. We advocate a luxurious lifestyle, of course, but one that is just as full of memorable moments, uniqueness, productivity, passion and uniqueness. Whether you want a short-term rental or are planning a long stay, the choices are endless.

And to finish in style, your personal and business trips can also be the subject of unprecedented prestige, thanks to our luxury vehicles. Whatever your preferences and orientations, with or without luxury drivers, you are sure to be able to move in comfort and safety.

So what would be your first destination?