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Booking your Moto-cab transfer

Tempted by a moto-cab ride?

When we talk about a cab, we immediately imagine the yellow New York cab or the sedan car. Less well-known than its counterparts, the moto-taxi or moto-cab is an often unknown form of transport, yet with great potential. To make the ride even more pleasant, to allow for a most enjoyable trip and new sensations, our luxury motorcycle are efficient and offer optimal safety. If you want to enjoy the comfort of a cab ride in a different way, call on our services.

What is a moto-cab?

Moto-cab is a reliable and efficient mode of transportation to get you to various places as quickly as possible. Appeared in the early 2000s, the transport of people by motorbike is gradually becoming commonplace among business travelers who see this means of transport as a solution to escape urban traffic jams and save time. For us, this is a luxury motorcycle selected and made available to you to take you as far as you want. By your side, the private chauffeur is at your disposal. Whether it’s an airport transfer, a guided tour or shipping your express packages, don’t panic, we’ve got you covered. Why choose a moto-taxi? Are you looking for a safe and fast way to get to the airport or to one of the nearest train stations in comfort, safety and diligence? Our moto-cab are made for you. Particularly useful in the event of dense traffic in the streets where taxis are no longer the solution, the motorcycle taxi becomes one or rather the judicious means to move in the congested arteries of the city. It thus avoids long queues and traffic congestion, especially in the case of airport transfers. Motorcycle taxis allow you to move even to get to your place of service. They considerably shorten the journeys often made by other drivers. Sometimes you travel the same distance in half the time with this solution than a regular cab.

Some models we offer

You will understand the advantages of taking a motorcycle taxi, rather than a taxi. In addition to the practicality of this machine, it is also necessary to note the originality and the charm of a walk or a guided tour aboard a comfortable moto-cab.

Get off the beaten track to travel or move around without wasting time. Anxious to offer you the best possible experience, we present our prestigious motorcycle taxis. All you have to do is choose the frame you like.

The Honda Goldwing 1800: since 1975 it has been a benchmark in luxury road motorcycles. No other motorcycle designed for two people can match this combination of power and refinement. To travel in Goldwing class is to discover the world in a unique way;

The GoldWing F6B: it continues to set the benchmark also in the category of road motorcycles in terms of comfort, flexibility, power and reliability.

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