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Must-do activities in Tahiti.


French Polynesia, or Tahiti and her Islands, has the most beautiful view of paradise on this planet.


Why come to Tahiti?

Just imagine a sunset on a beach, the sound of the waves lapping on the sand, with a cocktail and enjoying life.

Tahiti and its islands offer a magnificent setting, with dreamy blue lagoons, rich nature, turquoise water ideal for swimming, and a climate that allows you to sunbathe all year round.


Polynesian culture:

Upon entering a Polynesian island, visitors may find necklaces of flowers around their necks. This is due to the friendly nature of the Tahitians, who welcome foreigners with open arms. Many tropical flowers grow in the islands’ landscape; Tahitians especially enjoy growing these plants in their gardens. The Tiare Tahiti is the most famous flower in French Polynesia. It is used to welcome visitors and to accompany travelers leaving the region. A Tiare flower worn by a female or male ear indicates that their heart is taken. In ancient Polynesian culture, tattoos were considered beautiful and an important part of life. They signified the end of adolescence and the passage of a person into adulthood. The sound of Tahitian voices harmonizing with the dance evokes the deep power of Polynesian culture. At the same time, traditional drums and chants coupled with shells give the performance even greater emotional weight.


Tahitian Nature:

The surrounding waters are home to a wide range of marine life; including coral reefs, sharks, turtles, manta rays, fish of all colors and more. The Pacific Ocean is home to over 800 different species of fish, including two types of turtles, as well as many other creatures such as crustaceans, corals and mussels. For an up-close look at the ocean’s natural habitat, one can see the wonders using snorkels and masks. No poisonous or dangerous animals exist on this island; no snakes, scorpions or spiders are present! The margouillats and geckos are small beneficial reptiles that feed on mosquitoes. The Southeast Asian and Western Pacific regions are home to the richest coral fauna. Furthermore, the richer the region, the more varied its fauna should be. The area encompassing the Polynesian islands is relatively poor in coral species due to its eastern location.


Sports in Tahiti:

The sports opportunities are very varied, doing water sports is recommended. Scuba diving is the ideal activity to discover the world of the sea.

When we say sea and reef, we can talk about surfing. On the island of Tahiti, gigantic waves are formed thanks to the coral reef. Every year an international competition is held “Billabong Pro Teahupoo”;

Tahiti has beautiful mountains, valleys and natural water slides with pools ideal for swimming after a hike.

But you have the option to take a baptism of the Va’a, the Polynesian dugout canoe.


The market:

On Sunday mornings, the Papeete market opens at 3am and closes at 9am. This gives you a general idea of the market hours. In Papeete, the market is the center of the city. Shoppers can buy fresh fish from the ocean and lagoon, local vegetables and fruits, and handicrafts. The art of weaving can be found in many forms, such as hats, bags and rugs. The women of the Austral Islands are considered expert weavers who use coconut, pandanus or reed fibers to create their work. When visiting Tahiti, you will find many Polynesian dishes mixed with Chinese cuisine. You must try the “Pua Roti” vendor, which sells both crispy pork and glazed pork.


Tahitian transportation:

For transportation the 3 most recurrent means are the scooter to move everywhere on the island even in the narrowest streets. But there are also the local ferries, thanks to them the tour of the island by sea is possible, and it remains one of the only means to connect the other islands of French Polynesia. But if you want to enjoy the landscape and relax, we recommend trucks. Buses from the 60’s are still going strong!


Tahitian Pearls:

Traveling to Polynesia requires the gift of a Tahitian pearl, which is world famous for its beauty. The pearl is impressive, beautiful, fascinating, and attractive. Moreover, its color is unique, each pearl has its own shade of black or gray. Polynesians have known about its existence for several millennia. The Tahitian pearl is considered a treasure, as it is one of the most famous pearls in the world.


Tahitian Gastronomy:

The Tahitian territory is brimming with a unique dish, a gastronomy, as well thanks to the many tropical fruits and vegetables, as the famous raw fish with coconut milk, the pua’a roti or the po’e banana!

If you have the opportunity to go to the market of Papeete, you will find a take-away dish, known by all Tahitians, the “firi-firi”, which are doughnuts in the shape of an 8. Along the roads there are a lot of fruit stalls, stop to take a mango or a pineapple to taste it, they are so good…



There are still many things to discover on Tahiti and its islands, do not hesitate to contact us so that we can organize your future vacations…



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