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Transport of parcels all over the world

Transport and logistics specializing in the delivery of luxury goods and valuables

Our private transport service established all over the world is expanding its services in parcel transport. Whether large or small packages, sensitive or not. We get your packages to their destination as quickly as possible. We place particular emphasis on the transport of valuable parcels.

Infinity Luxe, is also specialized in the transport of valuables, luxury items as well as sensitive files.
With us, you have the option of ordering a private driver to deliver your package safely. Through our professional drivers, we transport valuables and other luxury accessories such as paintings, jewelry, bags, etc.
For the transport of your packages, we take all the necessary steps to ensure that the delivery is done safely. We take care to choose the right packaging so that the package can reach its destination without being damaged.
Our structure has recruited a very dynamic staff so that all services are provided in the right conditions; because safety and speed are part of our principles.
As our professionalism has no limits, we also offer our customers the possibility of having an urgent package delivered. Indeed, the delivery of an emergency package is not a handicap for our company. We do everything to ensure that each customer is satisfied.

For the transfer of packages, we have several modes of transfer such as, the transfer of packages by motorbike, the transfer of packages by car, …
For those who have valuables and are afraid to hand them over to a driver for delivery, fear no more. We are specialized in the transport of valuable parcels. Regardless of the nature of the case, we take all necessary measures to ensure a quality transfer to your package.
Have you been shopping online and need to pick up your clothes? Do you have purchases to pick up in a store? Don’t worry anymore. Our professional drivers are ready to collect them and deliver them to you as quickly as possible and in complete safety.
Apart from the transfer of packages, we also ensure the transfer of sensitive files. As a result, you can trust our structure for the safe and discreet delivery of your files.
To continue this momentum, we also do the transport of administrative documents or not, namely passports, certificates, patents, diplomas, etc. With us, your documents will be safe.
The dog, the cat, the hamster,… are companion animals which form an integral part of the life of many individuals. Thus, when moving or when purchasing a pet, safe and secure transport must be in place for the well-being of the animal. To address this concern, we have seen fit to offer our services in the transportation of these. Indeed, transporting pets is a job that we do with great care and attention because of their fragility and the importance they hold in the life of their owner.
From the transport of sensitive parcels, luxury parcels, shopping purchases, files, documents to the transport of pets, our company established all over the world also operates in the transport of luggage. Luggage storage is not something that we neglect. We deliver your luggage to its destination regardless of their number and regardless of their destination.
Infinity Luxe takes care of the transport and logistics of products and parcels of all kinds, especially luxury and sensitive products. As an example, we transport prestigious wine cases, precious stones, jewelry, art and exhibition objects …
For any additional information on the transport conditions of your sensitive and valuable packages, our team is available to provide you with more information.

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