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Become a Partner

Do you want to become a partner of a company already well established in the field of passenger transport? So why not choose Infinity Luxe Chauffeur? In fact, concerned about the quality of the services we offer to our customers, we are constantly looking for new partnerships with companies specializing in transport.

By looking for new partners, we want to establish real, strong and lasting relationships in order to offer the best services to our customers. For our part, these French partnerships allow us to expand our range of services, while with yours, you can take advantage of our reputation and our notoriety in order to gain visibility with the public.

But be careful, just because you are partnering with Infinity Luxe Chauffeur does not mean that you will be dependent on us, quite the contrary. By becoming our partner, you have no obligation to us. You remain completely independent and you carry out the races of your choice. You have no fees, you do not purchase any subscription whatsoever. We only remunerate ourselves by taking a commission on the trips of our customers.

Obviously, we have some requirements regarding our partners. As our clientele is made up of both individuals and professionals, we want the services we deliver to be of the highest quality. Especially since we also have a high-end clientele whose requests are sometimes very specific. Thus, to become our partner, we require great irreproachability. We also want you to have a good outfit and that you know the areas to be served perfectly. If you recognize yourself in this profile, then do not hesitate to contact us to start a partnership in France.

A partnership is not only good for us, it is also good for you. See this as a great opportunity to make yourself known by using our image. If you would like to learn more about our France partnership or if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us by email or phone, a dedicated team will answer all your questions. Otherwise, you can also fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

In any case, know that we are open to all types of partnerships, so tell us about your project and we will study it with the greatest attention. Take advantage of what Infinity Luxe Chauffeur can offer you and start a partnership with us, you will not regret it. The benefits for you and for us are far more than you might think. So contact us as soon as possible and tell us what type of partnership you are offering us. We would be delighted to include you in our team!