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The best places to spend the New Year

The year is coming to an end and you still don’t know where to spend your New Year? We have put together a list of the best places to spend the New Year, exceptional destinations to end the year in style.


We start our best places to spend the new year, with Marrakech. A sunny destination to end the year in style! Far from the clichés of Christmas, opt for a dinner-concert, a private party or a concert. Marrakech is a festive and dynamic city. Different atmospheres are proposed for the new year, you will find your happiness for sure!



New York for the end of year celebrations, the dream! The opportunity to enjoy the many Christmas decorations, you will be immersed in a magical and incredible atmosphere. A destination not to be missed to spend your New Year. New York is full of bars and restaurants where you can party like it’s supposed to. The midnight countdown with its fireworks in Times Square is a feast for the eyes. Experience an unforgettable moment, between concerts and musicals. New York on New Year’s Eve is a must-do at least once in a lifetime! There is plenty to choose from in terms of festivities. 



How can we not mention Amsterdam in our list? One of the most popular destinations to spend the New Year, between bars, clubs and discos, you will not be bored in the capital of the Netherlands. Its romantic and friendly atmosphere will charm you. There are plenty of parties to choose from to celebrate the New Year! However, don’t miss the famous midnight fireworks.


Easily accessible from Paris by Eurostar, London is a party destination not to be missed. There are fireworks in Trafalgar Square and a New Year’s Eve parade starting on Piccadilly Street. There are many live concerts all year round, so imagine what it would be like on New Year’s Eve! I suggest you start the evening in one of London’s many pubs before continuing with a concert for the electronic music lovers or a restaurant.



This is another party town. The streets are alive with concerts, festivals and many other festivities in the city. Edinburgh is also a great place to spend a New Year’s Eve with your family, the little ones will enjoy the torchlight walk and the older ones will also be happy, the festivities last 3 days and end on the 1st of January of the new year. Of course, we mustn’t forget the fireworks that mark the occasion!



Berlin is a must-see destination for New Year’s Eve. The German capital is full of the best New Year’s Eve parties! It’s a year-round party paradise, because the city never sleeps. Before midnight, crowds of people fill the streets to bring out the fireworks, so enjoy the atmosphere wherever you are in the city. Ideal for meeting new people and having a great New Year’s Eve, Berlin will not disappoint.



Dubai the party and luxury destination par excellence, quite expensive, yet very dynamic! Take advantage of the sun to end the year in style in Dubai. Whether it’s a fancy dinner, a gala, a club, an evening on a yacht or a night at the Dubai Opera House, you’re in for a great time in Dubai. Watch the fireworks while enjoying a starred chef’s dish or even aboard a yacht. 



A must for New Year’s Eve. If you want to spend a romantic evening, you can choose to go on a cruise and enjoy delicious food while admiring the monuments. You can also choose to spend an evening in a Budapest restaurant with a special New Year’s menu, accompanied by dancing. However, if you want to have a more boisterous evening, it is worth noting that many bars turn into discos at nightfall and there is something for everyone.



Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, is full of romantic restaurants and coffees, but not only that! It’s impossible to get bored in Lisbon, which is becoming increasingly popular with travellers. This is your chance to create unforgettable memories. Crowds of people wander the streets to enjoy the shows and dances before watching the New Year fireworks. Head to the Bairro to finish the evening until the early hours! 



Another romantic and magical destination in Europe to celebrate your New Year. The perfect setting for a romantic evening out, opt for a cosy restaurant and an evening for two in this city full of breathtaking Gothic monuments and churches. End the evening by watching the sky light up with a thousand lights. If you want to keep the party going until dawn, Prague offers many bars and discos in the Wenceslas Square area.


We finish our list of the best places to spend the New Year with a sunny destination. Although it’s not as hot as Dubai, the sunshine brightens up the city of Barcelona. Spend a colourful New Year’s Eve by the magical Montjuïc Fountain before continuing on to watch Barcelona’s magnificent New Year’s fireworks display! The sounds and lights are sure to charm you. There are plenty of discos and bars to finish off the evening.

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