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The Eiffel Tower, the Iron Lady

The most visited monument in the world

20 million euros, 2.50 m high … What do you think it is? The Eiffel Tower, soon to be “bulletproof fence” under construction, should be erected in the fall in order to respond to the terrorist threat.

The most famous Parisian monument, the Eiffel Tower, will soon change in appearance. Faced with the terrorist threat, the Iron Lady must be more secure.

Work is scheduled to begin next fall on a glass wall. “An anti-ball fence that will encompass most of the gardens of the Eiffel Tower;

A “security fence” which should cost € 20 million and be, according to our information, 2m50 high. Almost unrealistic this project …

One thing is certain, with this new device, anyone who simply wants to have their picture taken under the Eiffel Tower will have to be patient and go through checks with the cohort of tourists who have come to visit the monument. But the assistant in charge of tourism is categorical: simple access to the forecourt will remain free.

What do you think ? Are you for or against the construction of a glass wall around the Eiffel Tower?

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