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TOP 10 things to do in Athens

It is the capital of Greece, this Top 10 things to do is dedicated to Athens.

The Parthenon and the Acropolis:

It is the obligatory passage in Athens, the Parthenon and the Acropolis attract many tourists each year.

Symbol of Athens, the most famous and grandiose monument of antiquity in Europe, it is also a museum that allows you to immerse yourself in the history of the city and of ancient Greece.

Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Parthenon is erected at the top of the Acropolis and would be the first building built in antiquity.

You will find in the Acropolis other famous monuments such as:

• The Propylaea

• The Erechtheion, temple dedicated to the worship of Athena and Poseidon

• Temple of Athena Nike

• The ancient theater of Dionysus

• The Odeon of Herodes Atticus

Archaeological Museum:

The National Archaeological Museum of Athens houses the largest collections of Greek antiquity in the world.

There are pieces of inestimable value such as the mask of Agamemnon, the wall frescoes of Akrotiri from the 17s. BC and the huge statue of Poseidon in bronze.

This is the perfect place to immerse yourself in ancient history and admire incredible works of art.

The Plaka district:

The Plaka district is the best known and most picturesque district of Athens, these alleys, the architecture of its houses, the historical sites, the Byzantine places of worship as well as the traditional cafes and restaurants make it a neighborhood of choice. for visitors to the city.

The National Garden:

In the heart of Athens, there is a haven of peace and greenery. The 15 hectares of the national garden are located near Syntagma Square and it is the perfect place for a break between two palm trees.

There are trees and plants from all over the world, you can walk there or take a break to admire the flora and fauna of this impressive park.

Mount Lycabettus and the other hills of Athens:

There are 8 large hills that surround Athens, they allow you to enjoy a beautiful view of the city and its monuments.

The largest of the 8 is called Mount Lycabettus, the mount offers an incredible panorama of the whole city, you could notably see the Acropolis and the sea from its summit.

It is also a way to preserve nature and greenery on all constructions, buildings and buildings in Athens.

Local specialties:

Greece is known for its culinary specialties, for its age, the advancement of its civilization and the different cultures that have been brought by history, Greece has indeed developed its cuisine to make it one of the most known and appreciated. of the world.

Below are some spots to discover this cuisine and delight your taste buds.

• The tavern located on the roofs of Syntagma Square, it is a small Cretan restaurant where you can eat simple, successful dishes, while enjoying a magnificent view of the city.

• Avli, a tavern where you can find excellent dishes and very good meatballs.

• The street-food, everywhere you will find stands serving you succulent dishes such as souvlaki.

Olympiaion, the Temple of Zeus:

The temple of Olympieion was the place collecting the worship of the God of lightning and Olympus, Zeus.

Despite its size, the temple is the most important place of worship in ancient Greece, at the time, there were two large statues in gold and ivory, one for Zeus and the other for the emperor. Hadrian.

Go visit it to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of ancient Greece and learn more about the history of the country and its cults of yesteryear.

Lake Vouliagmeni:

Antiquity certainly has an important place for Athens, but that does not mean that one can be entertained only with history or monuments.

The Vouliagmeni lake is a natural open-air spa, its warm waters have therapeutic virtues, you can even do your feet with the small fish of the lake which will come to eat your dead skin, relax it will only tickle you.

Infrastructures and beaches will allow you to benefit from massage, Yoga, Kayak, Sailing and Kitesurfing lessons.

Take a break and go for a swim between two museums.

Monastiraki Flea Market:

Every Sunday morning, you will find the Avissynias square flea market, perfect for going on a treasure hunt.

There are trinkets, paintings, books, clothes, decorations and other finds.

All around you will find many alleys with art galleries, vintage shops and other stores.


The port of Athens is one of the strong symbols of the city, Piraeus attracts many tourists every year, it is a bit of a must if you visit Athens. There are nearly 20 million passengers per year.

You can see it from the top of the Profitis Ilias hill and from near, you can simply stroll along the quays.

Piraeus is divided into 3 bays:

• Kantharos:

Main port of Piraeus, this is where you will see the biggest boats. The port has a large number of passengers each year, but does not lend itself to tourists.

• Zea or Pasalimani:

Zéa is the jet-set and luxury marina. There is a promenade full of bars, restaurants, terraces and shops. This bay is the busiest in the port, especially in summer when residents take advantage of the weather, the promenade and the influx of tourists.

You will also find the Archaeological Museum of Piraeus, to learn more about the history of the port and the ancient theater of Zea.

• Mikrolimano or Munichie:

The bay is similar to that of Zéa, but smaller and less flamboyant, which gives it its charm.

You will find more small accessible restaurants and quaint tavernas serving fresh fish from the port.


This was our Top 10 things to do in Athens, you will have many monuments and museums to see, but you will also find places to have fun and bask in the sun.

You will probably have a lot of travel to do, so as not to hinder your trip with this problem, go through our services and take advantage of a private driver at your service.

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