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TOP 10 things to do in Dubaï


It is one of the cities that has most marked the 21st century, has experienced rapid growth and has
become a major player in the economy and world tourism.
Discover in our article of the day, the essentials of the city of Dubai.
Here are our top 10 things to do :

The Burj Khalifa :

It is the highest human construction ever built, this tower is one of the strong symbols of Dubai and is a
real feat of engineering and architecture.
The Burj Khalifa measures 828 meters and was built in only 6 years. This tower represents the prosperity
of Dubai and was taken for many movies backgrounds (Mission Impossible, Fast and Furious, etc.).
Do not hesitate to visit it to discover the floors, open to the public, and enjoy an incredible view of Dubai.

Stroll and do business in the Gold Market :

Dubai is one of the richest cities in the world and as such we invite you to visit a unique place.
Dubai has the largest gold market on earth, you will find gold but also precious stones, silver and
Expert, amateur, curious people, tourists and customers, they all meet in this place to do business and
lay their eyes on these precious goods. It is an authentic and incredible place that we strongly advise you
to visit.

Tread the desert dunes :

Who has never wanted to marvel at the impressive dunes of the desert and to immerse themselves, like
our favorite fictional heroes, in a setting worthy of an adventure film.
Here, it will be a question of discovering the desert surrounding Dubai. Indeed, you can carry out many
sporting activities there or simply stroll around, taking the time to soak up the natural environment.
Enjoy dinner in the middle of the desert, sleep under the stars, meet the inhabitants of the desert, travel
by camel for an authentic experience, drive a car trying to tame the dunes and finally try Sandboarding.
It will absolutely be necessary to find a guide, we strongly advise against going into the desert without

Ski Dubai :

Talking about the desert in a top about the city of Dubai is obvious, but did you know that you can also
ski, not on sand, but on snow.
You will find the “Ski Dubai”, this station of a 4000 m2 dome inside the shopping center, Mall of the
Emirates. You will find on site everything that can be found in a traditional ski resort, hotels, shops for
renting equipment, instructors who can give you lessons as well as restaurants, bars and cafés.
If you ever feel like cooling off, don’t hesitate to go to Ski Dubai.

Mall of the Emirates :

A “mall” is what is called a large shopping center typical of the United States.
However, the largest mall that can be found in the world is indeed in Dubai and within it you will find 10
shopping centers spread over more than 1 000 000 square meters, for more than 1,000 shops.
You will therefore find many luxury shops, but also a cinema, a hotel, an ice rink and an aquarium.
If you want to go shopping in Dubai, we advise you to live the experience of getting lost in the Mall of the

The beach and the Burj Al Arab :

The city also has a beach where locals and tourists can sunbathe and swim.
The beach located near the Burj Al Arab has everything it has of a traditional beach, except that it
benefits from a background of skyscrapers, which visitors take pictures with. It is a good spot to relax, do
not hesitate to go there.

Sail in Dubai :

In Dubai you will have no trouble finding taxis as well as a very special type of taxi, the “abras”.
These water taxis are located on Dubai Creek and you can go from one place to another in the city,
thanks to these boats, but also go on a visit and discover many of Dubai’s cult sites and impressive
If ever having a driver bothers you or was not on the program, you can very well rent a boat to drive it
yourself, if you have the appropriate licens.

Deira, the old town :

Dubai is a relatively new city, so the most popular areas are quite modern. If you ever want to discover
the oldest and most authentic part of Dubai, we recommend the Deira district, which represents the old
There you will not find any skyscrapers or shopping centers but many souks and stalls serving only local
specialties. You will therefore be able to live an authentic experience of an oriental district, and discover
the gastronomy of the region. You can also visit the Dubai Museum to discover how this city was able to
develop its prosperity so quickly and it’s history.

Helicopter in Dubai :

We had to mention in this top, a helicopter ride, knowing that the leader of our company, Ilyas El Kadaoui
had been able to do one during his visit.
This is the ideal way to discover the city from above because even if the skyscrapers give you access to
dizzying views, the helicopter can hover above the city and give you unique points of view, in addition of
an experience strong in sensations.
To rent a helicopter tour do not hesitate to contact us, otherwise you will find many agencies on site
offering the service.

Jumeirah Mosque :

The Jumeirah Mosque is an interesting passage in Dubai, because it is the only mosque that accepts
non Muslims on site. You can take a guided tour, marvel at the architecture of Islamic art and discover all
the rites of Islam, its customs and its 5 pillars. Take care to dress well in accordance with the tradition
and the rules of the cult and be aware that you will not be able to take pictures inside.

And now you know what to do during your visit to Dubai, for more information do not hesitate to contact
Infinity luxury driver.
We can also accompany you on your entire journey inside or outside Dubai, do not hesitate to contact

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