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Top 10 things to do in Hanoi


Today our Top 10 things to do will be dedicated to Hanoi, you will discover the essentials of this city.


Hoan Kiem Lake :

One of the first things to see in Hanoi is Hoan Kiem Lake, this place is very well known and celebrated by the inhabitants of the city.
The lake takes its name from a popular legend, the emperor Lê Loi would have received a sword from a fisherman who found it in the lake in order to repel invaders from China. In the middle is the islet of the turtle, a sacred animal for the region, which houses the Jade Temple where there is a giant mummified turtle from the 15th century. To get to the islet, you can take the red bridge crossing the lake.
It’s a good start when you discover Hanoi, many students are in this sector, you can easily exchange with them and discover their culture.


Explore the Old Quarter :

It is the heart of the city, there are 36 streets full of animation, each of these streets is dedicated to a traditional trade, this district is also called the old quarter of the 36 corporations.
It is the perfect neighborhood to discover the street-food of the country, there are many local specialties.
It is also the spot to go out to party in the company of Vietnamese who appreciate the unique atmosphere of Hanoi.


Visit the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum :

This monument was built for the “Father of the Nation” Ho Chi Minh, the mausoleum was built in Ba Dinh Square where he gave his speech proclaiming the independence of Vietnam in ’45.
Behind the mausoleum hides another monument, the Pagoda, built in the 10th century by Emperor Ly Thai Tông.
It is a place of pilgrimage for the Vietnamese, and of historical and cultural importance for the nation.


Taste the local specialties of Hanoi :

For many, Hanoi is the culinary capital of Southeast Asia, it is recognized for the quality of its dishes and the variety of its cuisine.
You will find many restaurants featuring this cuisine, but what is recommended in the capital is to indulge in street food, street-food, practical and economical, this is the option most popular with locals and visitors.


Go to one of the many markets in the city :

One of the activities that we recommend the most is to go to the market, again, it is a necessary passage if you want to understand the local culture and discover the specialties and the know-how of a region. .
The capital has more than 300 different markets, small or large, you have something for everyone.
We recommend Dong Xuan in the old quarter to start and you will also have to go to the night markets to discover another facet of the city.


See a water puppet show :

It is a traditional spectacle of the Vietnamese countryside and a perfect activity if you have children with you.
You will find a theater in the northeast corner of Hoan Kiem Lake to watch this show.


The Long Bien Bridge :

Built in 1898, this bridge is 1682 meters long and was the first steel bridge to span the Red River.
It was damaged many times during the war, but has been renovated each time, very popular with visitors to take photos, it is also a symbol for the city.


A cruise on Halong Bay :

A 4-hour drive from Hanoi, you will find Halong Bay, this bay is a real nature reserve and an essential destination in the region.
We advise you to take a day or several days to enjoy a cruise to discover a breathtaking natural panorama.
From Hanoi you will have understood it, you will have 4 hours of road, do not hesitate to go through Infinity Luxe Chauffeur to get there as serenely as possible with a private driver.


The Hoa Lo Prison Museum :

Built by the French in 1896, the prison was used to incarcerate revolutionaries who were against the colonials.
After the departure of the French in 1954, the prison was used this time to incarcerate American pilots during the war.
You will find a museum exhibiting photos and instruments of torture, retracing a bit of the history of the prison, you can visit the cells and other surprises that will put you back in the context of the time.


The Lotte Tower :

The Lotte tower has 65 floors and provides an incredible view of the whole city, go there when the weather is clear to enjoy the panorama.
You can take your courage in both hands and walk on a transparent terrace, to see the city and the passers-by parade under your feet from the top of the tower.

This was our Top 10 things to do in Hanoi, you discovered the most popular spots in the capital, the local specialties and where to find them as well as the ideal place for a nature break.
Do not hesitate to go through Infinity Luxe Chauffeur to ensure all your trips in luxury and calm.

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