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TOP 10 things to do in Sydney


We visit in our article of the day, the most populated city in Australia and the main metro’polis of the
Originally it was a colony made for England’s prisonners but nowadays it’s the starting point for many
visitors wishing to discover Australia, as well as an economic, cultural and tourist center.

Here is our Top 10 things to do in Sydney :

Sydney Opera :

We recognize it from afar, it is one of the symbols of the city and of Australia. You will see it on many
postcards in the souvenir shops that you will visit.

The Sydney Opera House, listed by UNESCO, has unique architecture in the world reminiscent of
curtains or shells. Do not hesitate to visit this place, attend a play or simply take a walk and enjoy its

The Harbor Bridge :

This bridge faces the Sydney Opera House, at one time in history it was the highest point in the world
with its 134 M height above the sea as well as the longest measuring 1149 M long. If this is no longer the
case, it still keeps the title of the widest bridge with its 50 M in width.
Symbol of technological advance for the country, it was built to prove it between 1923 and 1932.

Sydney Observation Tower :

It is the tallest building in the city, with these 305 M in height. A proud example of contemporary
architecture, it is also a technological and architectural feat.
At the top of the tower, you will find several floors offering you a 360° view of the city, as well as bars and
restaurants allowing their customers to enjoy this unique setting.

St. Mary’s Cathedral :

Seat of the Archbishop of Sydney, built in 1868 on the site of Australia’s first Catholic church, St. Mary’s
Cathedral seeks to compete with the great medieval cathedrals of Europe with its Gothic architecture.
Inside you will find majestic decorative art elements such as its stained glass windows, as well as an
imposing organ used for mass.

Visit the neighborhood of “The Rocks” :

This is Sydney’s historic district, as can be seen in the architecture of the buildings and the materials
It is a very busy place, there is a museum, bars, a weekend market.
Do not hesitate to stroll through its small authentic streets.

Sydney Botanic Garden :

Most cities in Australia have a botanical garden, but Sydney’s is the best known. Indeed, this garden
offers a unique view of the Sydney Opera House, and has incredible flora and fauna.
Do not hesitate to visit it to discover everything.

The city aquarium :
It contains more than 13 000 animals of 650 different species, you will find several themed areas
grouping together the different species, such as the crocodile, poisonous fish or turtles areas.
You will also find a space dedicated to sharks, famous in Australia. Do not hesitate to go there to
discover the aquatic fauna of the world and Australia.

Sydney beaches :

Australia is known for its beaches and surf spots, as such we present to you the beaches of Sydney.
The water is at an ideal temperature, no shark on the horizon and you can take surf lessons to try to
tame the waves that can reach 5 M in height.
You will find many famous beaches, do not hesitate to visit Bondi Beach, Congee Beach, Tamarama and
Bronte among others.

Observe migrating whales :

It is an incredible and privileged activity, which is why we are telling you about it. From late May to early
November there are more than 30 000 whales migrating off the coast of Sydney, the best known of all is

the humpback whale which performs great leaps above the water, amazing visitors who come see them.
Don’t hesitate to enjoy this show.

The Blue Mountains :

This mountain range is certainly outside the city but they are often visited by tourists from Sydney.
You will be able to access summits offering incredible views, but also well-known underground caves in
Australia, some dating back several hundred million years.
You can also learn about local cultures at the Waradah Aboriginal Centre, as well as visit kangaroos and
koalas at Featherdale Wildlife Park.

Here is the end of our article, do not hesitate to visit our site to discover others and contact Infinity Luxe
Chauffeur for your trips around the world.

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