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TOP 10 things to do in Istanbul

We are going, in this Top 10 things to do, to study the city of Istanbul.
Tourist capital of Turkey, city full of history and importance, it was the capital of the Byzantine and Ottoman Empire.


You have many things to see in Istanbul, here is our Top 10 things to do :


A cruise on the Bosphore :

This is probably the most romantic way to discover Istanbul, taking a cruise one the Bosphore means immersing yourself in a wonderful decor to admire the panorama of this incredible city.
You will be able to see, during this cruise, many monuments such as palaces, the Maiden’s Tower, the University of Galatasaray, the suspension bridges of the city, the palaces of Dolmabahçe, Beylerbeyi and many other architectural and historical surprises.


The Blue Mosque :

This is the Sultanahmet Camii Mosque, it attracts many visitors with its incredible facade and blue mosaics.
It was built between 1609 and 1616, it is a historical monument for the city which honors the decorative art of Istanbul and the last monument to respect the classic form of Ottoman art.


Suleymaniye Mosque :

She is the sister of the Blue Mosque, it is one of the most beautiful works of Istanbul.
It is the famous architect Sinan who designed this mosque for Suleiman the Magnificent, but it is not only a mosque, it is a building complex comprising the place of worship, a kitchen, a school, a hospital and other building. Its beauty, size and use make it a unique place in Istanbul.


Sophia Basilica :

This basilica is world famous for its history and architecture. It was successively a church and then a mosque when the Ottomans took control of the city.
As a result, this building has a mixture of Christian and Islamic architectures.
In the second most visited monument in Istanbul after the Blue Mosque, you will see frescoes, mosaics and a museum retracing the history of this monument.


Istanbul Turkish and Islamic Arts Museum :

Located in the former palace of Ibrahim Pasha, it overlooks the Hippodrome of Constantinople, the Museum of Turkish and Islamic Arts opens its doors to you.
The museum has an exhibition of more than 40 000 pieces, centered around different periods and regions of the Muslim world as well as Turkey from the 8th to the 19th century.
One of the most noticed pieces, which lends itself well to the host country, is the collection of gigantic rugs hanging from the ceiling.


The Grand Bazaar :

It is one of the symbols of Orient, the bazaar is a market where you can find a wide variety of products.
This is Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar 200 000 m2 and more than 4 000 shops where you will find absolutely everything you could imagine, carpets, lamps, jewellery, leathers, fabrics, food, spices and many other things you wait. Hone your negotiating skills and put them to the test or go on a treasure hunt to find out what the Grand Bazaar has in store for you.


The Galata Tower :

It is a 9 storey tower of over 66 meters high, it allows you a 360° panorama of its city district, moreover, you can discover a local specialty on the Galata Bridge, the “Balik ekmek” a fish sandwich with pickles, one of the symbols of Istanbul street food.
The tower was a fire observation post, a prison and then an astronomy tower, many legends accompany this tower and its construction is anchored in the history of the city, it was built by a Genoese colony which settled on these lands to strengthen a political alliance following the weakening of the city by the attacks of the Templars of 13th century.


Shopping in Istiklal Street :

We thought of you for your shopping sessions, in addition to the Grand Bazaar, you can go to Istiklal Street.
A pedestrian street more than 3 kilometers long, where more than 3 million people walk along it every Saturday.
Here you will find cafes, restaurants, theatres, libraries, cinemas, art galleries and various shops.


Topkapi Palace :

The city of Istanbul has many palaces within it, it is explained by the wealth that the city has known and by the different dynasties that have taken place there. Topkapi Palace is the former residence of the sultans.
Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is now a museum presenting objects and works of art from the Ottoman era.


Cemberlitas, the oldest hammam in Istanbul :

Despite the democratization of private bathrooms established for a while now, Istanbul and many cities keep many hammams open. Anchored in Eastern culture, this tradition has not disappeared and men and women have opening slots to take their bath.
You will find Cemberlitas to discover this ritual as well as its history, it is the oldest hammam in Istanbul.


This was our Top 10 things to do in Istanbul, the size of this city is too big for a Top 10 to be enough to present it.
Between palaces, gastronomy, museums, monuments and festive places, you will need several days to visit it properly, but this Top is a good start.

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