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Top 10 Mykonos 

We return to Greece for our must-sees of the day, visit the Greek Saint Tropez, an incredible island located in the Cyclades.
Here is our Top 10 things to do in Mykonos :


The beaches of Mykonos :

If you come to Mykonos, we will have good reason to think that you will have the idea of ​​enjoying its magnificent beaches during your stay.
Indeed Mykonos is known for its incredible spots allowing water sports swimming as well as sunbathing. Among its beaches, you can visit :

  • For sport, the beaches of kalafatis beach, Corfos and Ornos.
  • For the party and the atmosphere, that of paradise beach, super paradise.
  • For more authentic and intimate beaches, you will find Capari, Agios Stefanos, Paraga Agia Anna among others.

All these magnificent beaches play a decisive role for the paradisiacal image that we have of Mykonos.
Do not hesitate to try them all, if the weather allows it, or to focus on the beaches that will allow you your favorite activities while enjoying the good weather.


Little Venice (Alefkandra) :

It is undoubtedly the most famous and unique area of ​​Mykonos. It echoes Venice, Alefkandra guarantees you an unforgettable moment where romance and joie de vivre will be there.
You can marvel at the architecture of the houses that make this place so popular, the constructions facing the sea are just as colorful as each other.
Many visitors come here to take photos, but also to enjoy the weather, local restaurants and bars ideal for discovering all the best the Mediterranean has to offer.


Greek cuisine :

Greece is known for its gastronomy which gives pride of place to Mediterranean products.
If only for the local products such as olive oil, cheese, olives and fish, you will certainly be seduced and you will want to appreciate a good traditional restaurant in the shade of the sun.
You will find a multitude of restaurants and traditional tavern serving the emblematic dishes of the region such as stuffed squid, salads, fried zucchini, lemon chicken and grilled fish.
You will have no trouble finding nice restaurants, but if you want to start somewhere we recommend the Fokos and the Kounelas tavern.


Delos Island :

This island will be perfect for you to immerse yourself in Greek mythology, indeed living legends the island of Delos would have seen the birth of Artemis and Apollo.
But the island does not only reserve writings and legends for you, there you can visit one of the most interesting archaeological sites in the world.
On the spot, you will be able to admire sites like the sanctuary of Apollo, the district of the Lions or the temple of Isis. In order to visit all the sites, plan a good day and a boat trip from the old port of Mykonos to the island of Delos.
Rest assured, on site you can take a guided tour in English or French.


The Church of Paraportiani :

This church, dating from the year 1400, is quite special and one could even say that it is unique in the world.
Indeed, the church of paraportiani is made up of a set of 5 different churches. Many visitors come for this building, it is even one of the most visited and photographed places on the island.
Its particular architecture and decoration choices mean that the white walls tend to offer a play of colors by the reflection of the sky and the sea.


The famous windmills of Mykonos :

Mykonos is also known for its famous Windmills that you will find in the old town, indeed colored in white and sparkling in the sun, they are real icons and symbols for this island.
Formerly used for agriculture now, they are preserved for the heritage of the country and some of them have even been transformed into a museum.
For example, you can visit the Bonis mill (16th century) whose exhibition deals with the production of flour.


Scuba dive off Lia Beach :

One of the flagship activities of Mykonos and scuba diving off the beaches that will allow it.
Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you can enjoy swimming and diving to discover the aquatic flora and fauna of the Cyclades.
You can start from the beach or board a boat to go further with a guide.


The museums of Mykonos :

You will find many museums in Mykonos to learn more about Greek mythology and the history of the country. We present to you the most popular museums of this destination :

  • The Archaeological Museum of Mykonos :
    • It is the perfect museum to go back in time, there is pottery, jewelry and prehistoric objects and statues dating from the first century BC. You will learn more about the history of the island and that of humanity.
  • The folklore museum :
    • It will be a question of picturesque everyday objects, which the inhabitants of the island are used to using. You will find authentic period furniture, toys, musical instruments and utensils. It is the ideal place to immerse yourself in 19th century Mykonos.
  • The Aegean Maritime Museum :
    • This museum will showcase the art and know-how of maritime travel from the Aegean Sea to Cora. You’ll find vintage ship models, as well as old maps and navigational tools.
      You will be able to discover legends and stories, the most popular and terrifying of the sailors who sailed these seas.


Watch movies outdoors at Cine Manto :

If you want to live a unique experience on the island, you can go to Cine Manto to enjoy a movie under a starry sky.
Indeed if everywhere in the world you will find open-air cinemas, still enjoys a privileged setting by its decor, its atmosphere and the weather of the island.


Explore the island in-land :

But you won’t have to settle for just the beaches and seaside of Mykonos. Inland you will find many hill and valley trails that will satisfy your desires for a walk in nature.
Whether you are on foot or by bike Discover the idyllic landscape of Mykonos, you will find on your way the ideal places for your picnics.


It is on this note that we conclude our top 10 things to do in Mykonos. Thank you for reading and invite you to discover all our other blog posts.
If you wish to be accompanied during your trip, whether for your trip to the airport or your trips around Mykonos, do not hesitate to contact us so that we can entrust you to one of our private drivers.


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