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Top 10 things to do in Paris


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Today, we offer you a Top 10 of the things to do in Paris.


Eiffel Tower :

Impossible to talk about Paris without mentioning the Eiffel Tower, the famous engineer Gustave Eiffel and his team took two years to build this monument for the Universal Exhibition of 1889. How many went to visit to take their wedding portrait pictures, marvel at its architecture and climb the steps to admire the most unique view of all of Paris.


The Champs Élysées :

It is the most chic avenue in the world which welcomes millions of visitors every year.
Many big household brand have chosen this avenue for their boutique, to mention Louis Vuitton, Dior, Lacoste, Montblanc and Bosse among other well known brand.
There are also many restaurants, cafes and at the end of the avenue the famous Arc de Triomphe.


The Opera Garnier and its Asian district :

A must-see monument in the capital, the Opera Garnier is known for its impressive facade, its stairs and its small esplanade where many photo-shoots, street shows and lunch breaks take places.
The Opéra Garnier hosts many shows and concerts every year, you can also admire its interior including its canvas on the ceiling painted by the famous Marc Chagall.


Notre Dame of Paris :

It is probably the most famous cathedral in Paris, located on the “Ile de la Cité”, made famous in many works of fiction and more recently by the unfortunate ravaging fire of April 15, 2019.
You can still take advantage of the visit to see the progress of the reconstruction of a Parisian symbol and to learn more about its history.

Boulevard Haussmann :

On the famous boulevard Haussmann, you will find many boutiques as well as the famous Printemps and Galeries Lafayette shopping centers.
You can do your shopping, stroll through the shops, visit the Printemps du Gouts and Lafayette Gourmet food courts, you can even take advantage of their Rooftop to enjoy a good meal, a French aperitif or simply a drink.


The Catacombs of Paris :

Go into the bowels of Paris by visiting the catacombs and discover the bones of millions of Parisians whose final resting place is the kilometers of tunnels and mazes dating from the 18th century.


Le Marais :

One of the most emblematic districts of Paris and celebrated by the LGBTQ community.
This district located in the 3rd and 4th arrondissement of Paris has many assets, restaurants, atypical shops, museums and lively streets.


The Pompidou Center and its district of Châtelet-les-Halles :

It is the most famous modern art museum in Paris, the Center Pompidou hosts many temporary exhibitions and events every year.
Not far away you will find Châtelet-les-Halles, a lively district where there are many bars, cafes and restaurants, including the Duc des Lombards famous for it’s jazz scene.
Chatelet les Halles is also a large shopping center with 140 shops and a cinema.


A cruise on the Seine :

While visiting the different tourist spots of Paris, you will notice the Seine river, a true symbol of Paris.
You will find ports at different spots in Paris where you will have the opportunity to embark on a boat to go around Paris and see the most beautiful corners of Paris.


The Pantheon and the Latin district :

Another great monument of Paris located in the center of the Latin Quarter, the last resting place of great French personalities, we can mention Victor Hugo, Jean Jaurès, Jean Monnet, Pierre and Marie Curie, Alexandre Dumas among others.
You can stroll in the Latin Quarter, one of the oldest districts of Paris, you can observe traces of the history of the city, some buildings are of medieval architecture and many other monuments are to be visited to anchor you in the history of this district and the city.

Now you have our Top 10 to fill your days in the French capital.

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