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Top 10 Saint Petersburg


It is the 2nd city of Russia in number of inhabitants and one of the largest city in this part of the world.
It is the main cultural, economic and technological center of Russia.

Here are our top 10 things to do in St. Petersburg :


Church of the Savior on Blood :

It was in honor of Alexander II that his son decided to have this memorial built.
To give you the story, his father was assassinated after having decreed the abolition of slavery, at the end of the 19th century.
It is therefore 24 years of construction that begins, in order to erect the Church of the Savior on Blood.
This cathedral is special for its architectural beauty as well as the various works of art related to the religion.
This building is typically anchored in the neo-Russian style.


The Winter Palace :

It is one of the most famous and imposing monuments of Saint Petersburg, its architecture rooted in the Baroque style bordering the bank of the Neva. It was the winter residence of the Tsars of Russia, moreover the palace hosts the Hermitage Museum as well as all the treasures, jewels and precious stones of the family.
You will also find many other works of art, it will take you several hours to see only a fraction of them.

The Hermitage Museum :

We are forced to talk about the Hermitage Museum again for its importance, as said before, it’s a museum with an incredible collection.
Royal jewelry, paintings, through artistic traces of Egyptian civilization. This museum guarantees hours and hours of visits.
It is one of the most important museums in the world, we are still talking about a collection of more than 3 000 000 works, 60 000 of which are on display.

Nevsky Prospect :

The Nevsky prospect will be the shopping item of this article, indeed we are talking about a 4 km long street which crosses the city center, it is a real artery for Saint Petersburg.
There are many shops of all kinds as well as bars and cafes, to punctuate your shopping with a few breaks.
Do not hesitate to go there to spend your money and do your shopping and to discover the various monuments located along this street.

Canals :

We often talk about Venice for its canals, but you should know that Saint Petersburg also has some very beautiful ones. Indeed you can discover this city differently and stroll along the canals or sail aboard a boat with a guide.
The 3 main canals are the Moika, the Griboedov and the Fontanka.

The Vodka Museum :

Impossible to mention Russia without thinking of the cliché the world has on the country.
It is in Saint Petersburg that you will find the Vodka Museum. You will learn all the ins and outs, its history and the cultural impact that alcohol has had.
You will also find a collection of Royal bottles of Russian origin, honoring the country’s glass artisans. With a bit of luck you can even take part in a tasting session.


Saint Isaac’s Cathedral :

It is one of the most beautiful religious buildings in the world and it is the 3rd largest church in all of Europe, Saint Isaac’s Cathedral was completed in 1858.
This cathedral is characterized by an imposing size, its reception capacity reaching 10 000 people.
You can climb to its summit to enjoy the view and lay your eyes on the decorative art of this place.

Peterhof Palace :

This palace is very popular with visitors, it was the residence of Pierre Legrand, it was intended to compete with the Palace of Versailles.
Unfortunately, the building suffered a lot of damage during the 2nd World War and major renovations were initiated to restore its image.
You will be able to appreciate, among other things, the architectural and decorative art of this palace but also its small particularities, such as its 20 M cliff, its fountains and the waters which circulate below the building.

The Mariinsky Theatre :

The most famous theater in Saint Petersburg hosts many operas and ballets, the Mariinsky Theater also has magnificent architecture.
The theater takes place on what was formerly a circus and has a stage so large that the performances had to review their choreography to adapt to it. Do not hesitate to visit it or attend a show.

The Peter and Paul Fortress :

This fortress is particular and of an important size. Located on Zayachy Island, the Peter and Paul Fortress has an incredible history.
The fortress has a beautiful panoramic view, a cathedral where the Romanovs are buried, an old prison as well as several exhibition spaces presenting pieces and sections of the history of this fortress and the city. Not far away you will find a beach bordering the river which will allow you to sunbathe in an ideal setting.

And so ends our top 10 things to do in St. Petersburg feel free to visit each of the items in this top, read other articles and contact Infinity luxury chauffeur company for the all of your travels.


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