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Top 10 things to do in Seoul

Seoul is one of the fastest growing cities in the world as well as the capital of South Korea.

Discover the must-sees of Seoul :


Gyeongbokgung Palace :

It’s a huge palace of 7 000 rooms called “Resplendent Happiness”, destroyed in the 16th century, it was rebuilt in 1868 to be destroyed again during the Japanese occupation.
It is the largest palace in Korea and despite its history, the palace retains elements of its grandeur and beauty.


The Cheonggyecheon River :

A popular meeting place, the river is laid out as a promenade of nearly 6 km long. On the parallel streets, you will find many shops and restaurants.
This place was born from the desire to give this river a second wind, before it was a highway that did not please the inhabitants of Seoul.
Now, it’s a green space, where every year, by-standers can admire monuments and the changing decorations according the season. This place is very popular in the summer, the inhabitants go there to cool off.


The National Museum of Korea :

One of the most important museums in the city and in the country, impressive in size and its collection.
You will find an exhibition exposing the 5 000 years of country’s history, as well as jewels, paintings, sculptures, works of art and national treasures.
The museum is ideal for understanding the rich history of Korea and discovering its cultural and artisanal richness.


The Lotte World Tower :

This tower will give you access to a unique point of view in the city, its observation platform is located at 486 M in height.
Located in the center of the district, you can observe the artificial lakes and parks of the city as well as Magic island (an amusement park).


Mount Bukhansan :

Always in search of height, this time you will find a natural landscape that will take you to 836 M above sea level.
Mount Bukhansan promises you a climb full of challenges, but rewarding since at the top, you can have an incredible view of the whole city and its region.
Go there to reach the summit, but also to appreciate this trip in the middle of mountainous nature.


Garosugil :

It’s the perfect street to find the trendiest and most popular fashion pieces and accessories of the moment.
You will find many boutiques and independent shops, but also chains to find your favorite fashion items, cafes and restaurants to be able to sustain yourself between your different shopping sessions.


The Hongdae district :

This is the student district of the capital, it connects the universities of Hongik, Yonsei and Ehwa.
There are many elements that attract many people, themed cafes, street shows, shops of all kinds, bars and restaurants.
You will find everything you need to spend a good day or a good festive evening. Do not hesitate to cross this district to discover the liveliest part of Seoul.


Seoul markets :

Namdaemun Market :
This is the most traditional and typical market in Seoul, you will find various stalls offering all types of Korean products.
Whether it’s clothing, traditional dishes, food products, souvenirs or other products.

Gwangjang Market :
This market is more intended for the gastronomic universe of Seoul. You will find mainly food products and caterers highlighting Korean gastronomy.


The Myeongdong district :

It is one of the most dynamic districts of the capital, but also the most touristic district.
You will find all the most famous brands from around the world as well as a good number of restaurants and street food stands.
There is also a cathedral made of red bricks in the unique Gothic style, full of history, go take a visit it to find out why this place of worship has become a symbol of resistance.


The Korean SPA :

Like many countries and cultures, Korea which has its own versions of spa / baths / relaxation center.
You will find them everywhere Seoul, these centers welcome all types of people and offer different choices of room to be able to sweat in peace.
You will find Jade rooms (the stone is said to have purifying and medicinal properties), salt rooms and coal rooms. You can also take advantage of this spa to make scrubs to rejuvenate and free the pores of your skin.

This concludes our top 10 things to do in Seoul, do not hesitate to contact us so that we can accompany you to the capital. Visit our site to discover our services and all our other blog articles.

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