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TOP 10 things to do in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is one of the many well-known cities of Europe that attracts many tourists each year.
It do so thanks to its culture, its laws on the fringes, its culture, its art history, its atmosphere and its unique urban environment which makes this city a perfect example of a balance between nature and human constructions.

Here are our must-sees in Amsterdam :

A cruise along the canals :

The canals of Amsterdam represent all that is wonderful and authentic about the Amsterdam cityscape.
During your walks, you will necessarily pass not far from them and if at the time goods and merchandise circulated on the canals, nowadays, it is the opportunity to discover the city by taking a tour by boat, pedal boat or barge.
You will find cruises and tours that will allow you to discover the history of this city and the importance of these canals for the first capitalists of the world.
You can admire the facades of the city’s most beautiful buildings, or simply enjoy an outing on the waters of Amsterdam.


Beer, brown cafes and the Heineken Museum :

Beer has an important place for the Netherlands and neighboring countries, there are different kinds of beer and if the coffee shops are best known in Amsterdam, you will also find what is called « Café Brun ».
Contrary to what its name might suggest, it is a kind of PUB, typical of the city, where you can enjoy a good drink, taste some cold cuts and other typical appetizers of the region.
To learn more about beer, you have the Heineken Museum. The brewery marks, in its earliest hours, a turning point in the brewing and crafting of beer, it was even considered to be the best you could find in the retail market.
The museum will teach you more about the history of beer in the country and the brand, you can participate in tasting activities and draw (serve) the perfect beer according to the Heineken Museum.


The House of Anne FRANK :

263 Prinsengracht is home to the house that hid Anne FRANK and her family for two years during World War II after fleeing the horrors of persecution in 1933’s Germany.
Today, it is a museum that trace back the history of the Jews during the war as well as the conjuncture that led to its atrocities and its extremities.
There are pictures, pages from Anne FRANK’s diary, historical facts and the hiding places used to protect themselves from the Nazi.
The Anne FRANK House is a must see for many visitors.


The red light district of Amsterdam :

The famous Red Light District, also called De Wallen, is unfortunately the postcard district of the city of Amsterdam, there are the famous shop windows where prostitutes try to attract by-standings, by simply showing themselves through the glass.
Although the district is mainly known for what has become a tourist attraction, the old center has many historic buildings, museums, as well as various places of worship full of stories.
You can find guides to really learn more about the history of these streets.

Discover the coffee shops :

Besides the Red light district, what visitors tend to remember or seek in Amsterdam are the coffee shops.
They have their place in this Top for their popularity, originality, number and variety within Amsterdam, there is something for everyone.
Due to the legalization of cannabis, you can find in these coffee shops a multitude of different varieties of cannabis and if we will never advise you to try cannabis, it is nice to see how the locals have integrated this plant to their ways of life.
You can also enjoy products other than cannabis, most have a nice menu of drinks, dishes and sweets.
Note, however, that you will not be able to consume alcohol in most of these coffee shops.


Visit the markets :

The market is a popular item on our must-do and must-see lists of our destinations.
Among Amsterdam’s markets is the world-famous flower market, where you can buy plants, flowers, bulbs and seeds of all kinds while strolling along the Singel canal. Not far away you will find related museums.
Amsterdam has many flea markets to go on a treasure hunt, you will find some in the Jordaan district.
For clothes, we recommend the Albert Cuypmarkt market, where you will also find local specialties and souvenirs.
If you look you will find other markets, there is something for everyone, but these are a good start.


A walk in the Vondelpark :

Tired of the city ? We advise you to take a break in the Vondelpark, a magnificent park hosting many activities of the locals, from sunbathing, to sports, to a nice siesta.
It is one of the most beautiful parks in the region which takes its name from the poet Joost van den Vondel, there are sculptures, a theater and a cinema museum.


Climb at the top of A’DAM Lookout :

We often find a summit to visit in our Top and not without reason, it is a good way to take height and enjoy a view overlooking the whole city.
In Amsterdam, we have the A’DAM Lookout, an observatory that provides you with a unique panoramic view of the city. From up there you will see the canals, the ports, the historic center of the city and the circular patern that the city adopts with it’s urban environnement.
On site, there is also an interactive exhibition on the history of the city.


The Royal Palace in Amsterdam :

The architect Jacob van Campen built the royal palace from 1648 to 1665, initially planned to be the town hall, Napoleon BONAPARTE transformed it into a palace when he became king of Holland.
Nowadays, the palace hosts various events and receptions where guests enjoy beautiful spaces, architecture and interior decoration as well as the various works of art exhibited in the palace.
The palace is not only for guests, you can get tickets in order to visit the palace and learn more about its history.


Explore the city by bike :

Adopted by 50 % of the local population, cycling is a religion in the Netherlands and particularly in Amsterdam.
Shops selling or repairing bicycles are legion and you will find them everywhere in the streets.
After all, the bicycle is an ideal means of transport when we take into account the urban organization of the city, the size of the streets and the masses of pedestrians who find themselves moving in the city.
You can take a bike tour with a guide through all of Amsterdam, rent one cheaply and experience the daily life of an Amsterdammer.


This was our Top 10 things to do in Amsterdam, it is a dynamic city where it will be easy for you to get lost, but thanks to this list you have a good basis to plan your visit.

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