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Top 10 things to do in Vienna


Our Top 10 of the day is dedicated to Vienna, the largest city and the capital of Austria.
With nearly 2 million inhabitants, the city is a major economic, cultural and political center.
It is the largest German-speaking city in the world and when you visit this city, you are mainly seduced by the culture, the gastronomy and its imposing heritage.
Here is our Top 10 things to do in Vienna :


The Hofburg Palace :

To get your trip off to a good start, we suggest you start with the Hofburg imperial palace.
The Habsburg household lived there for more than six centuries, from the first emperor to the last.
The palace has continued to expand at the request of successive emperors, to come to an 18 wings total with, sometimes, different architectural styles and 2,600 rooms in total.
Visiting the palace and its surroundings is possible, you will also find a museum on site.

Hundertwasserhaus and the Hundertwasser Museum :
The building built by Friedensreich Hundertwasser, is inspired by the works of Gaudi and definitely has its place among the masterpieces of new art.
The detour is worth the effort if only to lay your eyes on this building and marvel at the play of colors.
Inside, there is a museum, the most visited in Austria, which exhibits the works, thoughts and philosophy of the artist who designed the building.


The National Opera :

The Vienna State Opera, “Statsoper”, is one of the largest opera houses in the world and can accommodate up to 2284 spectators.
Attending a performance in this opera house guarantees an event full of emotions, thrills and shows. Each evening, a different performance take place, benefiting from the unique acoustics of the place.
It is a flagship activity in Vienna and it is not just this opera, but this one is mythical and popular.


The Prater Ferris Wheel :

This Ferris wheel, built in 1897, will offer you an incredible panoramic view of Vienna from 64 meters above sea level. The cabins are made of wood and the tours last a little over 20 minutes in total.
Not far away, you will also find an amusement park as well as the famous Madame Tussauds museum.


Viennese cafes and Viennese gastronomy :

If you go to a nice cafes, at least in France, you often come across the “Viennese cafe” on the menu. Vienna is known for this famous coffee, gourmet and full of flavor, you can enjoy it with cakes such as strudel or sachertorte which are emblematic in Austrian pastries.
Still in gastronomy, but on the savory side, you have Schnitzel, Knödel and a multitude of traditional dishes.


Haus der Musik, the House of Music :

If Vienna is known for its opera, we quickly understand that music has an important and special place within it.
To understand it, you can go to the Haus der Musik, a special museum that is very educational and innovative in its approach, made for young and old alike.
An exhibition on 6 floors to make you discover the creation of sound, thanks to the Philharmonic Orchestra and the noise of everyday life. In addition, the museum offers an active approach to its visitors and allows them to participate in workshops to create sounds.


The Spanish Riding School :

The heritage of Vienna is in the spotlight in this Top, the Spanish Riding School is an internationally renowned school, but also one of the main tourist attractions in Vienna.
The school is beautiful and has many stables, it is definitely worth a visit for its size.
It is this same school that performs the famous ballet of Lipizzaners (a breed of horse).


Stephansdom, St. Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna :

This Gothic cathedral is a symbol for Vienna, it has existed since the 12th century and its renovation began in 1359 to preserve its Gothic style, still visible and perfectly maintained today.
It is impressive by its size and its decorative art, visiting it is definitely one of the essentials in Vienna.


The Naschmarkt market :

You can find everything in this impressive market, we have been saying it for a few articles, but visiting the markets of your destinations will allow you to better understand the local culture and discover what is best and authentic in terms of crafts and gastronomy.
The Naschmarkt market has 120 stalls, restaurants and bars showcasing Viennese gastronomy and local produce. Make the effort to go early in the morning to get the best prices and quality from the merchants.


Stroll all around the Danube :

It will be the second largest river in Europe that will conclude this Top of Vienna must-sees.
Crossing the city, the river offers beautiful walks and cruises, a way to discover Vienna differently.
You will also find many parks all around the Danube and a particular building, The Danube Tower.
Built in 1964, you can enjoy a panoramic view of the entire region from the top of its 165 meters.

This is how we conclude our Top 10 things to do in Vienna, do not hesitate to contact us for all your trips to the city.

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