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Top 10 things to do in Buenos Aires


It’s the capital and the most important city of Argentina, Buenos Aires is the political, cultural and economic center of the country.
It has more than 14 000 000 inhabitants and has the most important port in the country.

Here is our Top 10 must-sees of Buenos Aires :


Plaza de Mayo :

This place has witnessed many parts of Argentina’s history. The Plaza de Mayo located in the Monserrat district saw the Revolution of May 25, 1810 which led to the creation of the government and the independence of the country.
There are many historic buildings, some of which you will find in this article, as well as the Pyramid of Mayo erected in honor of the revolutionaries who fought for the independence of Argentina.


La Boca district :

Located in the southeast of the city, this district was initially a port, but today it’s the busiest area for tourists in the country. You will find many attractions and interesting sites like the Caminito, the Bombonera and the Nicolas Avellaneda Carriage Bridge.
This district could have gained its independence, but Julio Argentino Roca managed to keep it within the Republic of Argentina.


Casa Rosada :

It is one of the famous buildings found in Plaza de Mayo, the presidential palace of Casa Rosada, stands out with its beautiful pink facade. The building was built in 1594, its architecture was intended to recall the desire to install peace across the country. Do visit this building and take a tour in the museum attached to the palace, to immerse yourself in the history of Argentina.


The Feria de Mataderos :

It is in the Mataderos district that we find an incredible market, where merchants offer all their craft products as well as regional culinary specialties.
You will find traditional singers, dancers and gauchos who will offer authentic shows.
You can also go to the gaucho museum to discover their history and culture.
It is a folkloric neighborhood where you can discover the more traditional aspect of Buenos Aires.


Carlos Thays Botanical Garden :

In the neighborhood of Palermo you will find the Botanical Garden of Carlos Thays, which covers more than 7 hectares and is home to more than 5 500 plant species. You will also find there monuments and sculptures made famous by the city and the country.
There are several themed gardens, a Roman, French, Oriental and Argentinian garden. Do not hesitate to visit them all and give yourself a break in nature.


Colon Theater :

The Colon Theater is one of the highest scene in the world of theater and opera. With a capacity of 4 000 people, making it one of the largest theaters in the world, the theater expand in over 58 000 square meters.
For the record, the work was not easy and carried out by the Italian architect Francesco Tamburini and his pupil, who were both murdered. It was Julio Dormal who completed the work following all his adventures.
This theater has hosted great opera personalities such as Pavarotti and other renowned artists. Visiting this theater is a must in Buenos Aires.


Señor Tango :

Tango is of great importance in Argentina and in the world, it is one of the most famous dances.
You will find many dance bars where you can try your hand at the practice, which is called Milongas.
One of the most famous, known to all locals, is Señor Tango.
The singer Fernando Soler had the idea of ​​taking over what was a shop to make it a place of joy and festivity honoring the Tango. You will find Señor Tango in the Barracas district.


The Bombonera Stadium :

Latin America has an incredible love and passion for football, in all major cities, stadiums are of paramount importance.
La Bombonera is a stadium open since 1940 and able to accommodate 49 000 people. This stadium also houses a museum where you can, among other things, admire Lenny Kravitz’s guitar customized in the colors of Bocca Juniors for his 2005 concert.


The Metropolitan Cathedral :

It is the main Catholic church in the city and despite the floods and fires, it’s a building of great beauty thanks to its decorative art. Nowadays, the cathedral also hosts a museum dedicated to Pope Francis, where you can see objects from his daily life. It is a beautiful place to visit whether you are a believer or not.


National Cabildo :

This building is a memento of the colonial past of the Spanish Empire in Argentina. With a sublime architecture and restored to bring out all its beauty, the building was used to accommodate the municipality of the time.
There is a museum exhibiting paintings, testimonies and documents related to the 1810 revolution.


This is the end of our article on the essentials of Buenos Aires, do not hesitate to go to our site to discover our other articles.
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