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Top 10 things to do in New York

In our famous must-sees of our favorite destinations, today we explore New York City, the Big Apple !
Without further ado, our Top 10 things to do in New York :



This skyscraper is one of the highest peaks in New York, often visited in Tv shows and movies, including King Kong.
In addition to its observatory points located on the 86th and 102nd floor which will allow you to enjoy a mythical view of New York.
The Empire State Building is a popular building for tourists and a symbol for New York City, it is the third tallest skyscraper in the city after the construction of One World. It is for these reasons that we advise you to take express-pass tickets so as not to have to wait too long, and if you ever try to queue in, you can take advantage of the interactive museum to learn more about the history of this building.
You will also find a tourism office, to get other ideas and good addresses, as well as two exhibitions halls to admire the various art pieces on display.



After the fall of the twin towers on September 11 2001, this place was named “Ground Zero”, since the area was renovated and a memorial was built in honor of the victims of the attack, the new tower formerly called “Freedom Tower” is now called the « One World trade center ».
The memorial is free to access, and you’ll find, in the tower, an observatory at the top as well as a high-end shopping center and an architectural marvel called, “the Oculus”.
In this place you’ll appreciate, its history, its exhibition heavy with emotion concerning this tragic event and a breathtaking view of New York.



This park is a vast land of green, a true haven for wildlife and the lung of the city of New York.
Whatever the season, it’s always good place for a stroll, take a break from this city of concrete and glass.
You can have a drink, take a ride in the vintage carousel dating from 1908, go to the Boathouse café to enjoy the lake, visit the zoo, play sports and simply sit there for a moment of relaxation in nature.
You will also find gardens with beautiful fountains and statues, the Belvedere Castle on the highest point of the park and many cultural and artistic events that take place there.
It’s a must and a symbol, if you are passing through the Big Apple, you’ll have to go through this rite of passage.



New York City has many strong symbols that are well known around the world, but one of the best ones, which visitors usually spot first, is the Statue of Liberty, aka Lady Liberty.
Gift from the French in 1886, it’s the first monument the migrants who came by boats use to see, erected on Ellis Island, it is the personification of freedom and hope for all those who came to seek a better future in the USA.
You can visit it by ferry and enjoy, from its observation deck, a breathtaking panorama of New York and New Jersey, there is also a museum dealing with immigration to the USA and an exhibition on this monument.



It is one of the most famous bridges in the world and the US, right up there with the Golden Bridge, there is the Brooklyn Bridge which, in 1883, was the longest bridge in the world.
You can cross it on foot or by bike and enjoy a beautiful view of the Wall Street Skyline above the East River.
Near the bridge, you will find restaurants, museums, parks and other surprises that will encourage you to pass by.



The Rockefeller Center is very popular with New Yorkers, especially in Christmas with its famous Christmas tree and skating rink. At this time of year, it is an unmissable event, the perfect time to take a family picture.
In addition to the Christmas decorations and activities, there is an impressive observatory at the top of “The Rock”, and a terrace, facing south, offering a beautiful panorama of New York.
This historical monument also allows you to go shopping in luxury shops and enjoy what turns out to be a real cultural center, with each year more than 30 artists are presenting their works and reworking the decoration.



It is probably the most famous square in the world, Time Square is located at the intersection of Broadway and 7th Avenue.
As soon as you get there, you can’t help but be impressed by the number of giant billboards and the light show they offer at night.
You can take pictures among the many tourists and have a drink in one of the many bars perched on top of the skyscrapers.



This legendary train station is known for its architecture, its painted ceiling, its restaurant area offering many choices and its history.
Every day, more than 750,000 people pass through this 100-year-old station and you can learn more about its history in its museum and its annex.



It is the must-see museum in New York, unmissable for its reputation, its size and its exhibitions.
It will take you several days to fully visit this museum with these 5,000 years of stories from around the world and some 2,000,000 different objects, you will no doubt need a guide to optimize your visit.



It’s not quite in New York, but the Niagara Falls are emblematic in the USA and in the world. The reason that leads us to tell you about it in this article, is that you will find a direct route to the falls from Manhattan.
Wearing a rain cover, climb into a boat to marvel at the grandeur of this natural spectacle.
The falls are in the Niagara River, 54 km long, the falls are 57 meters high and flow over 350,000 cubic meters of water per minute in peak season, which is the largest flow in the world .
You can also enjoy the show from an observatory located behind the falls, you will have to go through a few tunnels after going behind the Horseshoe Falls.

Niagara Falls is made up of :

  • Horseshoe Falls marking the Canadian border
  • American Falls
  • Bridal Veil Falls named the bridal veil

Time permitting, it’s a must-see, you’ll be sorry to miss them.


Now you have a nice list of must-see places to visit in New York, you will have a lot of travel to do, if you want to avoid public transport, which can be dangerous in some places, or save you the trip to the falls , do not hesitate to contact us to be accompanied by a private Infinity Luxe Chauffeur, whether you are alone, with family, friends or in a group.

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