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Top 10 things to do in Toronto 


Toronto is the largest city in Canada and the 14th largest city in American continent. 
A true megalopolis, Toronto is a multicultural city and an economic center for the country.
If you are passing through the region, you are likely to pass through Toronto, it is a popular city for visitors and a magnet.

Without further ado, here are our top 10 must-sees in Toronto :


The CN Tower :

The CN Tower is probably one of the city’s most iconic landmarks. This 180-storey tower impresses with its size. You can go to the 114th floor by elevator in less than a minute, which is a technical feat.
You can enjoy the view as soon as you enter the elevator with its bay window, and benefit from an incredible, breathtaking panorama.
The tower is so high that the most observant will be able to see the border with the United States of America. For even more thrills, you will find a glass floor, which will give you chills.


The islands :

Canada benefits from a privileged environment and great natural wealth.
You will find plains, mountains, beaches, lakes and forests. A whole multitude of different environments.
In Toronto, you will find an archipelago of small islands, all around the port of the city. You can participate in many activities and enjoy the good weather if you arrive in the right seasons.


Chinatown :

Canada has historically had a large Asian population, particularly Chinese and Vietnamese.
As a result, and like many other cities, you will find a Chinatown, which will transport you to a completely different universe.
You will be able to notice it even in the architecture as well as in the typologies of commerce that you will find on your way. If you want to stroll through China Town, search for the best Asian or Chinese restaurants and buy exotic products, you’ve come to the right place.


Casa Loma :

It is a medieval castle, which to our great surprise was only finished in 1914. It can be seen from afar by its position overlooking the city center. Built on customised demand, it was the wish and the residence of Sir Henry Bellante, a well-known businessman in the city. Unfortunately, luck has turned and separating from its property, Casa Loma has been rehabilitated in order to welcome the public and to show all its excess.


The St-Lawrence Market :

It is not necessarily a large or important market, but you will find a variety of non-negligible food products. You will find fish, cheeses, charcuterie, spices, breads, pastries and a wide variety of condiments.
We are gourmets in the team, which is why we advise you to stop by to satisfy your taste buds.


Beaux-arts museum :

This museum was founded in 1900 and today has more than 70 000 works of art.
You will find paintings by famous painters like Van Gogh, Picasso, Tintoretto and many others.
The museum has beautiful architecture and will be perfect for a cultural day out.


Niagara Falls :

We have already told you about Niagara Falls in a previous article, but we have to mention it again, because one of the falls that make it up is not in the USA.
Indeed, the most powerful of the 3, which we call the “horseshoe” is indeed on this side of the border.
Do not hesitate to make a detour to see this spectacle of nature.


High Park :

This impressive park is one of the largest, of any city in Canada. Indeed, it is a question here of 160 hectares of green spaces.
This haven of peace and of paramount importance for the inhabitants of the city of Toronto. They will be able to go for walks, play sports, bring their children to the play areas, and even enjoy a small zoo with free entry.
Do not hesitate to go there to take a bucolic break during your stay and why not, bring a picnic.


Kensington Market :

Kensington Market is not a market, contrary to what its name suggests, but one of the most popular areas of Toronto.
Indeed, the district could be characterized as bohemian or bobo, there are many shops with access to organic and vegetarian or vegan diets. You will also find shops selling exotic and second-hand products.
This is the district where we find the most Street-Art, so you can spend a day strolling around there to do your shopping and admire the various graffiti and paintings found on these walls.


The historic district of the Distillery :

Located in Old Toronto, there is one of the most historic areas of the city, most of the buildings are red brick and these belonged to one of the largest distilleries in the world.
Now it’s an authentic neighborhood that has been rehabilitated into a pedestrian area, you will find many cafes, restaurants, art galleries and trendy little shops. Of course, due to the history of this district, you will have at your disposal a multitude of local beers and local products, ideal to accompany them.


This was our top 10 things to do in Toronto, do not hesitate to visit all the sites that we have presented to you and to contact the company Infinity luxury to simplify all your trips.

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