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Top 10 things to do in Venice

It is the most romantic city in the world, as soon as a district of a city in the world has some canals, we use its name to describe it, Venice opens its doors to you.


Here is our Top 10 things to do in Venice :


St. Mark’s Square :

It’s the emblematic square of the city, the one often mentioned when talking about Venice and the place of many meetings for tourists and locals.
You will find many elements of our Top in this place or at least very close by.


Saint Mark’s Basilica :

It was in the 11th century that the construction of the basilica began. It’s well known for its beauty and its facade which has a singular decoration, a winged golden lion, the symbol of Venice.
There are beautiful mosaics, impressive domes, beautiful statues and an altar which, according to legends, contain the bones of Saint Mark.


The Campanile of Saint-Marc :

A famous tower, from above you will have an incredible view of the whole city.
During the visit, you will learn more about the history of this tower and discover the five bells of the Campanile of Saint-Marc.


The Doge’s Palace :

It was the residence of the Doges, the magistrates whose mission was to lead the Republic of Venice.
Incredible palaces, full of history and works of art, you can visit it with a guide to learn all its secrets.


The Lido :

It is the most upscale place in the city and the locals’ favorite spot during the summer.
The Lido is an island with a magnificent beach of clear waters.
If you go there in summer, it will be the perfect place for a break away from the city, and an exclusive moment of sunbathing and swimming.


A gondola ride on the canals :

The canals have greatly contributed to the fame and beauty of Venice, you will find many gondolas sailing there with mainly tourists on board wanting to live an authentic and unique experience in the most romantic city in the world.
You will be able to discover the different districts of the city and marvel at the different architectures of the facades of the city.


The Palazzo Contarini del Bovolo :

The palace dates from the 15th century, it is well known for its imposing spiral staircase.
Pietro Contarini asked to have the staircase built in 1499 outside the palace, taking inspiration from the tower of Pisa and the Florentine renaissance.
The building was closed to the public for a while for renovation, but is now accessible again.


Cannaregio :

It is a typical Italian district and the most authentic of Venice, much less agitated than the district of Saint Mark’s Square.
You can stroll through this district to discover a Venice that is less touristy, but just as (if not more) charming.
In particular, you can buy handicrafts and visit the Jewish Ghetto district, dating from the 16th century and its museum.


The islands of the lagoon :

This group of islands attract many tourists,

  • Murano has a good reputation in the world of glassware. Indeed, there is the Glass Museum and many craftsmen selling their creations. The Island is unique for the different colors that the houses have and its urbanism, which gives us the impression of walking through a painting.
  • Burano is known for its lace industry and is equally beautiful.
  • Torcello is the largest of the islands and is home to the oldest church, there are few tourists there so it will have the merit of being quieter and more accessible.


Punta della Dogana :

This customs point, is a building located at the end of the Dorsoduro district and marks the border between the Grand Canal and the Giudecca Canal.
The customs of Venice took place there in the 15th century, the exchange of goods was very frequent at the time and the customs had an important job for the coffers of the city. The building therefore also served as a warehouse and nowadays it is a museum.


And here is the end of our Top 10 must-sees in Venice, for a pleasant trip with professionals who take care of everything, contact Infinity Luxe Chauffeur.

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