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Classic vintage car

Rent a vintage car with chauffeur for all occasions

Many people like to relive the past by choosing to do their various trips in old vehicles. To relive this past moment, they opt for vintage cars. The major problem that arises is the scarcity of models. That said, we must necessarily get closer to the real owners. In order to accompany you, Infinity Luxe provides you with a vintage car rental service with chauffeur.

Infinity Luxe chauffeur, the best in the rental of vehicles with chauffeur

Globally, Infinity Luxe is recognized for its rental services of luxury and vintage vehicles driven by private drivers. Our drivers are able to provide an irreproachable quality service. Given this significant fact, Infinity Luxe is the benchmark in the field of passenger transport.
Always with the aim of offering better services, we provide all our customers with a large fleet of luxury cars. The latter is made up of top-of-the-range vehicles of the latest generation, which provide unparalleled comfort. In this collection you will undoubtedly find vehicles that will meet your selection of criteria. Apart from modern luxury cars, Infinity Luxury also has vintage cars also known as classic collector cars.
You will have the opportunity to be transported by serious, reliable private drivers. They are present all over the world. These are prestigious drivers, trained by the company Infinity Luxe. They are able to drive the customer anywhere across the globe with a flexible, comfortable and safe conduit.

Car rental with driver for ceremonies

With Infinity Luxe, the possibility of renting vintage cars for the various ceremonies and events. By renting a vintage car with driver, you will experience your wedding ceremony, anniversary, declaration of love and more, with elegance and luxury which is excellence in our field. Infinity Luxe works exclusively with very experienced private chauffeurs with a well-groomed appearance.
They are also called upon for other events such as film shooting (films, video clips, etc.), brand advertising. In the tourist field, they are used to make tourist getaways. Some people rent them for shopping, photo shoots, airport transfers and station transfers. This is the case of certain fashion celebrities, who use the company to go to fashion show evenings “Fashion week for example”. You can see the VIP’s that trusted us here.
Whether you want to transport a flower bouquet from the church to the wedding hall or even hand over the gifts for your anniversary or wedding, our experienced drivers can take care of it. Also with this in mind, you can also use our services as part of event services. To do this, do not hesitate to contact our agency for more information.

Car rental for your professional transport

Infinity Luxe is the best solution to efficiently ensure your professional tailor-made transport. To benefit from its services, choose a luxury car from our wide range of rental cars. Then let our private drivers drive you everywhere with guaranteed safety. When you need a vehicle or a fleet of forty or fifty vintage cars for an event, we can support you with a versatile service available 24/7.
To serve you with elegance, our drivers are always in professional attire, suit and tie. The latter have an optimal knowledge of the protocols. Given this significant advantage, they will be able to support you in terms of transport for all types of events. Discretion and confidentiality is our motto. Whether you are politicians, businessmen or celebrities of all kinds, do not hesitate to use our services.
Of all the above, the reliability and elegance of the services of the company Infinity Luxe are well established. Whatever your needs in terms of vintage cars for grandiose and luxury events, she will be with you.

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