Infinity Luxe Chauffeur


Mercedes Maybach VIP Van

Are you planning a long trip? Opt for our VIP Van, which offers unparalleled comfort and luxury. The VIP Van is equipped with all the options, such as a high definition screen with electric control, a coffee machine and even a Playstation. You will also be able to enjoy a starry sky that you can customize according to your favorite atmosphere with the multiple colors available. The VIP Van is equipped with double sound insulation to reduce noise, and the driver is separated from the guests so you can enjoy your trip in privacy.

VIP Mercedes Brabus

Our VIP Van offers generous space and unparalleled comfort. You’ll find a multitude of options that can be customized according to your preferences. You can change the color of the ceiling to go from festive to more relaxed with a single click. Take advantage of the high definition TV screen to watch your favorite shows or listen to your favorite music. Plus, thanks to the double insulation, you can enjoy your trip in complete privacy.

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