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chauffeur service without car

Take advantage of our services with a chauffeur

At Infinity Luxe Chauffeur, you can also book a chauffeur without a car.

Infinity luxe chauffeur is a passenger transport company that offers you the possibility of renting a car with a private driver for all your trips, whether personal or professional, anywhere in the world. But did you know that you can also hire simply the chauffeur ? You are probably wondering what is the point of booking a chauffeur without a car? There are more reasons than you might think. This is because in many cases you may only need a driver without car to reserve a vehicle, thus, you will be able to save money on your reservation, but not only.

Love your car but can’t drive it? Don’t panic, Infinity Luxe Chauffeur is here.

If you own a car that you are fully satisfied with but you are unable to drive for any reasons, know that Infinity Luxe Chauffeur can provide you with a driver without a car. In this way, the private chauffeur can take you wherever you want in your own vehicle. A good way not to lose your habits while being driven by a professional chauffeur. Renting our chauffeur services to drive your own vehicle is quite possible at Infinity luxe chauffeur.

Are there other reasons that may push you to book a driver without a car?

Of course there are many other reasons. For example, if you just need a chauffeur without a car to drive at your wedding , it is possible. The private chauffeurs of Infinity luxe chauffeur can also be booked to pick up your vehicle from the garage for you or to pick up your children from school. In many cases we do not necessarily need to hire a chauffeur with a car, that’s why we set up the booking of car-driver because it is a service that was in great demand.

In addition, be aware that we also offer various other services (bodyguard, concierge) which will allow you to save time on a daily basis. So do not wait any longer, contact us as soon as possible by phone or by using the form provided for this purpose and found on our website. The reservations are made in the same way and can easily be made in advance, which will save you even more time. Many people trust us, so why not you? What have you got to lose? Our private drivers with or without a car are at your entire disposal and will do everything to satisfy you.

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