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Helicopter rental & transfer

If the airplane is a relatively recent practical form of transportation in the history of aviation technology, the helicopter is rather a newcomer. The history of this machine begins at the beginning of the 20th century. It is a means of transport capable of rising and moving at altitude, whose lift and propulsion are provided by a rotary wing called a rotor. The helicopter is a means of transport that is often little used, yet on board you will live a new sensational experience.

Why rent a helicopter?

Here are some reasons to consider renting luxury helicopters:

Wedding Flight: Imagine yourself and your bride having lived an exceptional day of your life, ending on a high note by circling the city in a splendid luxury helicopter. You will probably remember it for a very long time;

Airport transfer: Avoid the hassle of legendary traffic jams in big cities. Fly over the city and spend a pleasant moment of relaxation in a helicopter just for you;

Corporate Representation and Entertainment: Helicopters can serve as large-scale communications media. Enhance or maintain the brand image of your company by using high-end helicopters;

Business travel: this is a fast and efficient way to take a business trip;

Pleasure flight: combine comfort, pleasure and prestige in a unique moment of pleasure thanks to our luxury helicopters;

Emergency medical theft and emergency evacuation: when the traffic is too heavy, emergencies require means of transport that are readily available when needed.

The strengths of our helicopters

Our helicopters are not only comfortable and of superior quality, but also have undeniable advantages over other means of transport.

They are more maneuverable than an airplane: indeed, helicopters are easier to use than airplanes;

They are also and above all more affordable than a private jet: the cost of renting this device is lower than that of other flying means of transport;

They are of course faster than taxis and moto-taxis;
They avoid traffic jams: being flying devices, they allow you to fly over the city. You make a trip without obstruction or loss of time;

Their stability is remarkable: from the air, helicopters have good flight behavior, no jolts, no tremors.

Some models we offer

We have single engine models and other twin engines:

Single-engine: these are perfect helicopters for short trips and landings on various runways. They are suitable for guided tours around towns. As single-engine models we distinguish in particular the Bell 206L LongRanger and the Eurocopter AS 350B2 Écureuil.

Twin engines: bigger and faster, they are popular for business trips or night flights. As models you have the AS355 Squirrel 2, the Agusta A109 Power and the Eurocopter EC155.

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