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How to organise your Valentine’s Day with Infinity Luxe


Valentine’s Day is coming up and you still have no idea how to impress your partner? We’ve put together a list of ways to make your Valentine’s Day as romantic as possible.


It’s Valentine’s Day and you’re tired of sitting at home? Take a trip to the ice rink and you’ll be able to get closer, laughing at your falls on the ice. Take the opportunity to continue the evening with a nice hot chocolate in a cosy restaurant.



What could be better than relaxing with your other half? Treat yourself to a day of pampering just for you! I recommend the Villa Thalgo spa, chic and elegant. Opt for a massage and share a moment of indulgence with your partner, before diving into the sublime pool. It’s the perfect opportunity to get together.



A fter a cosy lie-in with your loved one, start your day with a good brunch prepared with love. Pancakes, croissants, pancakes… Spoil your partner on Valentine’s Day and use your creativity to impress him or her. You can even have brunch for two in a restaurant, Paris offers a multitude of choices in terms of brunch. 



Let’s continue our list with a show night, in my opinion, one of the best choices! Opera, theatre or comedy, you are spoilt for choice. You will spend a romantic evening for sure, closer than ever. I recommend the famous cabaret, Le Moulin Rouge, as well as the Crazy Horse. This way, you can get together in the warmth of just the two of you to finish the evening. And who knows, maybe a surprise awaits you when you get home!



Why not treat yourself to some caviar this Valentine’s Day? Go to a fancy restaurant to get away from it all and make it a unique day. Book the restaurant in advance, as it’s very crowded on Valentine’s Day. Show your partner that you care, you can even give him/her a rose when you get together.



Forget about restaurants, cinemas and other activities for a moment, for an intimate Valentine’s Day with your loved one. A picnic, in my opinion, is always a good idea, you can add a touch of romance, rose petals, champagne. Go to a romantic spot, where you can watch the sunset together.


What would a VIP van tour look like? Ambient lights, pink, red, purple; TV screen and glasses of champagne, in complete intimacy through the streets of Paris, the city of love. Reserve your day to devote all your attention to your beloved. I highly recommend this idea, you will even have the opportunity to go to a restaurant together, and continue the evening by passing through Montmartre and admiring the sunset, before finding yourselves in the warmth of your van and snuggling in each other’s arms. Don’t hesitate to call on the services of Infinity Luxe, the VIP vans we offer are sure to delight you!


Art is everywhere in the streets of Paris, if you too are passionate about art, now is the time to celebrate love in a museum with your partner for Valentine’s Day. Parisian museums are full of romantic works, and the Rodin Museum is planning a LOVE evening for 14 February. The latter offers activities for two, such as drawing and other activities that awaken the sense of touch, with works in tactile boxes. Don’t hesitate to take a romantic stroll through the gardens of the Rodin Museum.



Come aboard the famous Parisian “bateaux mouches” for Valentine’s Day. Treat your partner to a romantic evening on the Seine, in your company. Opt for the dinner and champagne package, before admiring the Eiffel Tower by night and Notre Dame de Paris on board a boat, in the arms of your loved one.



To complete our list, we have chosen a way for you to celebrate Valentine’s Day by breaking up your daily routine. In addition to the beauty of the city and the gourmet restaurants, an evening away with your partner in a star-studded hotel is a great way to spend Valentine’s Day. Opt for a spa hotel with the option of champagne and rose petals, your partner will be impressed and will know that you care about him/her. I recommend a good dinner before going to relax together, and finally find yourself in complete privacy in a sumptuous room to end the evening in style.

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