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Your private chauffeur service in Lyon

Your  trip  has brought you to the  wonderful city of Lyon  and you want to make your trips easier. Infinity Luxe Chauffeur  can offer you a  private driver  to satisfy you.

The Infinity Luxe Chauffeur team  is essentially made up of  experienced  and  qualified professionals , selected with great care to better meet the needs of our large and varied clientele. We have a long range of  luxury cars  and  professional drivers  available, to provide  transportation  throughout your stay in  comfort  and  style . With us it is impossible that you will not find your favorite model.

Our team of  drivers  know the city and its areas of interest well. We make it a point of honor to be professional, and you will not be worried about your schedules, because our team is punctual. There is no way one of our drivers will make you wait too long.

Infinity Luxe Chauffeur  has the best  private chauffeur service  available to you during your stay. The  drivers  of our team are multilingual and have a sense of professional conscience. Lyon is a large city with several centers of interest. Our drivers know the routes well, and will always take the most accommodating routes so as not to drag you out. That’s what they get paid for, and they do their job well.

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Contact us and let us know your wishes, by booking on our site to visit Lyon and its places full of history. We provide you with a good private driver, with whom your trips to Lyon in good timings are guaranteed. 

Visit Lyon with a professional private driver

The city of Lyon is full of several tourist sites, to which our drivers can take you. Here are a few :

–  Place Bellecour  : it is the main attraction of the Presqu’île district located between the  Saône  and  the Rhône . The  Place Bellecour  is the largest pedestrian square of Europe . The massive size of the square makes it the perfect venue for   local festivals , outdoor concerts, and special events, and the recent addition of a Ferris wheel adds a lot to its appeal. Several statues are also worthy of attention, including a 19th century sculpture of  King Louis XIV seated on horseback . But it is above all the proximity of the square to the luxury shopping district  of Lyon which generates the most pedestrian traffic. Four main streets lined with shops start at Place Bellecour. Upscale boutiques for quality shopping.

–  Lyon Cathedral  : located in the heart of the Vieux Lyon district, the  Saint-Jean-Baptiste Cathedral of Lyon  was built over a period of 300 years, and the remains of each period of the church’s construction are evident throughout the structure. The stained glass windows and crosses on either side of the altar date back to the 1200s. The  14th century astronomical clock was a triumph of technology for its time. The cathedral’s impressive organ   was rebuilt in the 1800s and modernized with three keyboards and 30 stops. The nearby archaeological garden, which contains the remains of the 4th century buildings which occupied the site before the construction of the cathedral, is also worth a visit.

 –  Fourvière Theater  : this Roman theater is the oldest in France, built by order of Augustus from 17 to 15 BC. AD  and enlarged during the reign of Hadrian. It was built next to the Fourvière hill, which was located right in the center of the city in Roman times. The theater has steep seating galleries, an ornate floor, and the foundations for a large stage. Nearby are the remains of the Odeon, a much smaller theater that was used for musical performances and poetry competitions.

–  Musée des Beaux-Arts de Lyon  : built from stones collected from the collapsed walls that once stood on the site of the  Place des Terreaux , the imposing  Musée des Beaux-Arts de Lyon  once housed the  Saint-Pierre convent . When the nuns were expelled from the city during the French Revolution, the city council made this building a place of conservation of the city’s cultural treasures. Officially opened in 1803 and completely renovated in the 1990s, the museum today rivals the Louvre in terms of volume and diversity, with collections that range from antiques from ancient Egypt  to 20th century paintings by Matisse , Picasso ,  Braque  and  Miró .

–  Mur des Canuts  : located on  Boulevard des Canuts , in  the Croix Rousse district , this large mural represents the heritage of the district which once housed the city’s many silk weavers, or canuts. Painted in trompe-l’oeil, the scenes illustrated in this gigantic fresco blend in perfectly with their surroundings, challenging the viewer to examine the border between art and reality. Painted for the first time in 1987, the largest fresco of Europe  has been revised several times to reflect changes to neighboring structures and has become a popular tourist attraction in  Lyon .

–  Rue St-Jean  : main artery of  the Vieux Lyon district ,  rue St-Jean  was once the center of the city’s silk industry. Visitors will find some of the finest examples of Renaissance architecture and courtyards in the city. Many of the beautiful mansions and palaces built for silk merchants and the Lyonnais nobility today house bouchons, restaurants that sprang up in the 19th century when cooks from aristocratic families set up on their own to open their own establishments. This is one of the best places in Lyon to taste local dishes such as gratin dauphinois and veal kidneys with mustard.

Our  drivers  being well imbued with the culture of the city, master all these places.

Infinity Luxe Chauffeur in Lyon