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Marseille  is one of the most important cities in France. Large port city located in the south of France, it is the second largest municipality in France. The density of its population allows it to place itself in third place behind  Paris  and  Lyon , the most populous cities. Marseille is a vast city which includes several sectors of activity. In order to move quickly and safely in the city,  Infinity Luxe Chauffeur provides you with its network of  private drivers . Our  private chauffeurs  are  professionals . Thus, your travels will be peaceful and secure. To book a  private chauffeur, you just have to make a few clicks. When you book a  private chauffeur , you have the car to yourself for the entire trip. You, your family and your luggage will be the only passengers on the journey.   With our network, you have the possibility to easily modify or cancel a reservation. However, it must be done at least an hour before the time of the race. Since the city is large,  order a private chauffeur  to quickly carry out your errands. From now on, no more surprises because when  booking the private chauffeur , you have the fixed price all taxes included. This rate remains unchanged regardless of traffic conditions such as traffic jams. We are one professional structure  that does everything to make shopping for our passengers enjoyable. For this we have recruited  professional  and  diligent chauffeurs  so that they are always on time. Our private chauffeurs  do everything to get you to your destination on time. Indeed, they are all  experienced  and master the entire city of Marseille. This allows them to take the shortest and fastest routes. You can choose from our catalog the car that best suits your requirements.


Large French city,  Marseille  is a very beautiful city endowed with several adornments. It has long been the crossroads of trade and immigration. As a result, it is full of a multiplicity of culture. Being a port city, it has within it a large fishing port which makes it an important trading area. With all these attractions, Marseille is a city that welcomes a lot of  tourists . So, in order to facilitate your  tourist trips , we have set up a  service of professional private chauffeurs , who are able to drive you through the arteries of the city. With  our chauffeurs , your walks will be  pure pleasure of relaxation. They know the city inside and out. Thus, they will allow you to  discover Marseille  and all its beauties in no time. During your visit, if you need a stop to eat, our  private chauffeurs  will advise you on the  best restaurants in town . The city of Marseille is a big  tourist city . It attracts many tourists to its  splendid sites  full of history such as the  Notre-Dame-de-la-Garde Basilica . To allow our customers to be more comfortable, our structure  hires buses and minibuses with chauffeur. Insofar as you use our private chauffeurs, you can choose the vehicle that best meets your expectations. To make your visit to the city of Marseille pleasant, we have taken care to properly train our drivers. They are  smiling ,  jovial  and  serious  in their work. For any  visit to the city of Marseille , book your  professional private driver at Infinity Luxe Chauffeur .


Are you disembarking in Marseille or are you going to take a flight that leaves Marseille for another destination? No more worrying about the delay you might have and which will cause you to miss your flight. Our structure has set up a  team of professional private chauffeurs  to allow you to  travel  to the airport  without difficulty. In case you disembark in Marseille, the  chauffeur will be waiting for you upon landing. So you won’t have to waste time looking for a taxi. We follow the route of your flight, so the chauffeur adapts his time to arrive at the airport. If the flight has been delayed or is disrupted, we take these parameters into account in order to send the driver to you at the appropriate time. In case you are going to Marseille-Provence airport , you will receive a  private chauffeur at the time  and place you specified when  booking . Book a private chauffeur to avoid unpleasant surprises, such as the inability to find a local taxi when you leave. In addition, our drivers know the shortest and fastest routes. Thus, you will avoid traffic jams and traffic disruptions as much as possible. For trips to the airport, you can  order a chauffeur to take you to pick up someone or a package. We provide you with  luxurious cars  and in very good shape in order to offer a  comfortable transport goods and people. Payments are made by credit card to make it easier for everyone and also to avoid the inconvenience caused by an unavailability of balance. Depending on the luggage you are going to transport, we will offer you the appropriate vehicle for a good transfer. With our  private chauffeurs , you will no longer waste time during the journey under the pretext that the taxi driver has to take other passengers or that he has to deal with a lack of gasoline. Our chauffeurs as well as our cars are at their optimal level before starting the race for which they have been reserved.

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