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TOP 10 things to do in Brussels


In our Top 10 must-sees of the day, we visit the capital of Belgium, Brussels.
Brussels is also the capital of the European Union, the city where all the major political and economic
decisions are taken with regard to the EU and the countries members.
The largest city in Belgium is also known for its culinary specialties, its beer and its beautiful buildings.
Without further ado, here is our Top 10 things to do in Brussels.

The main square or « Grand-Place » :

If you want to soak up the architectural beauty of Brussels, you have to go through the Grand-Place.
It is one of the most beautiful squares in Europe, it is entirely lined with 17th century buildings, which
housed the various corporations of the city, including : The Bakers, The Painters, The Carpenters, The
Brewers, The Tailors and many other corporations to name a few.
There is also the town hall and the “Broodhuis”, which is the King’s House.

More often than not, you can enjoy a light show on the facades of these buildings and there are many
people taking pictures and enjoying street shows.

The Manneken Pis :

It is a special monument, which quickly becomes known to you when you first visit Brussels.
Known to all, you can’t help but stare at this historic monument which is probably intended to make you
laugh. The “Manneken Pis” or “the pissing kid” is a fountain with a statue, which has the shape of what
the name indicates and dates from 1619.
The tradition is that the statue is dressed in different clothes throughout the year and there are also other
versions of this monument in the city who follow this tradition, in particular a female version in « fidelity »
When you visit Brussels, you have to go and see these monuments, to understand the place humor has
in city and to take a little picture.

The Mini-Europe Park :

We told you that Brussels is the capital of the European Union, so if you want to cross all of Europe and
visit its greatest monuments in a few hours, maybe a few minutes, we have the perfect place for you.
The Mini-Europe Park brings together all the greatest monuments of Europe in a mini version of
themselves, you can see the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben, the Acropolis, the Berlin Wall and everything that
might come to mind when you list these buildings are symbols of European countries. Don’t hesitate to
take a look there and inspire yourself for your next trip.

The Atomium :

To keep up with the theme of monuments, we have the one that was built for the Universal Exhibition of
102 meters high, the Atomium takes up an elementary mesh of iron enlarged 165 billion time.
The nine spheres that make up this mesh measure 187 meters in diameter and you can even visit six of
You can enjoy this architecture from below or from above and enjoy an incredible view.

The Parc du Cinquantenaire :
It’s one of the most popular places in the city, popular with tourists, but also locals, this park was built to
celebrate the 50th anniversary of Belgian Independence.
The park is located around a large gate with three arches called “Les Arcades du Cinquantenaire”, there
are several museums surrounding the park such as the aviation, army and automobile museum as well
as the Royal Museums of art and history which offers a large collection of objects and reconstructions
from around the world.
The park itself is very beautiful and it will be the perfect place to take a break during your visit.

Beer :

Beer is a real cultural symbol in Belgium, you will find many breweries and Delirium cafés in Brussels
where you can taste, enjoy and learn more about this drink.
Indeed, if you desire so, you can discover all the existing varieties of beer, the customs related to it and
the different ways of drinking it, we advise you to test a “giraffe” at least once in your life, only if you like
the drink of course.
There are also museums dedicated to beer, exhibiting old recipes and the history of this beverage.
You can try several tasting tours all around Brussels, but take care not to drive while intoxicated, opt
instead for one of our private drivers.

Taste Belgian specialties :

Belgium is well known for its culinary specialties, here we will talk in particular about fries, waffles and
These products are considered a true institution of Belgian gastronomy and highly appreciated for their
You will find many restaurant and stalls in Brussels, who serves only fries. The best known,
“Tabora”, offers an incredible choice of sauces and a unique know-how for the preparation of
Taste Belgian chocolate, known all over the world, it gets travelers to fill their suitcases to let their
loved ones taste this delicacy or to keep them greedily for themselves.
You will find many chocolate factories as well as dedicated museums.
Finally the waffles, particularly the « Liège » waffles which are famous throughout the world and
are considered as a type of waffle in their own right. The latter are thick and most of them are
made up of sugar crystals which add a lot to the texture and taste, to be eaten plain or with

Museum of Musical Instruments :

In this museum, you will discover a collection of more than 7,000 musical instruments, dating from the
Middle Ages to the present day. Located in Old England, which is in itself a real architectural attraction
dating back to 1899, the museum invites you to stroll from instrument to instrument in order to learn more
about their history through an audio headset provided at the beginning of the visit.
Any musician or curious should visit this museum to discover all the different instruments families
throughout the ages.
At the very top, on the 10th floor of this building, you’ll find a terrace and a restaurant to enjoy a view of
the entire historic center of Brussels.

The royal greenhouses of Laeken :

This imposing construction of metal and glass inhabits an incredible flora, the royal greenhouses of
Laeken were built by the architect Alphonse BALAT in the park of the royal castle of Laeken at the
request of Leopold II.
However, you will have to prepare for your visit, the greenhouses are only open a few weeks a year and
reservations are almost compulsory.
In the greenhouses, you will find various plants, trees and flowers, it is said that King Leopold II brought
back an exotic plant on each of his trips to keep in these greenhouses.
The building is incredibly beautiful, and if you have the chance to visit the greenhouses, you will be
amazed by the flora.

The Comics Center :

Impossible to make a Top of the essentials of Belgium without mentioning the comic books, or graphic
This media, this art has an important place in Belgium, there are several great Belgian artists known
worldwide for their work.
To find out more, you have the Belgium comic strip center which offers a permanent exhibition that traces
the history of comics, as well as temporary themed exhibitions.
Throughout the museum, you will find murals displaying pages from famous comics.

This is where we conclude our Top 10 things to do in Brussels, do not hesitate to browse our other TOPs
to get some ideas during your travels.
For all your trips in the Belgian capital or around the world, don’t hesitate to call on Infinity Luxe Chauffeur.
We’ll be able to accompany you at all stages of your travels.

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