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Here are our 10 must-sees in Montreal :

Today we give you the 2nd most populous city of Canada, and the main city of Quebec, Montreal.
Indeed Montreal welcomes half the population of Quebec, it is an important cultural and aeronautical financial center of North America. Moreover, it is the largest French-speaking city on the American continent. The city hosts many important organizations, it is internationally renowned such as Unesco and the World Anti-Doping Agency.


Old Montreal :

Old Montreal will undoubtedly be your first destination if you want to get a glimpse of the Montreal of yesteryear. Indeed, this is the old quarter, founded in 1642, of the city.
Despite its history, Old Montreal is experiencing a second youth, and has managed to keep its attractiveness for the inhabitants of the city. Indeed, you will find many cafes and restaurants crowded with people as well as shops of all kinds to do your shopping. You can stroll around the neighborhood by bike, on foot, and even by boat if you take the direction of the docks of the Old Port.
Do not hesitate to visit the most authentic place in the city, you will not regret it.


Notre Dame Basilica :

On the side of the Old Port of Montreal, you will find a huge building with 2 huge bell towers, it is the Notre-Dame basilica.
Completed in 1829, this impressive work marks the introduction of the neo-Gothic style in the country.
The decorative art that has been applied to this basilica is simply amazing, you can lay your eyes on stained glass windows, religious frescoes and other stunning decorative art.
The entrance to this building is paying, but you will benefit from a 20-minute guided tour retracing the history and construction of the basilica, you can also attend a mass.


Mount Royal Park :

Located on the highest point of the city, you will find a huge park of 190 hectares. All locals and visitors pass through it at one time or another to take a break or take a walk. Indeed, this park has the vital function of serving as a green lung for Montreal.
From there, you can admire a view of the whole city and stroll along the edge of the beaver lake, if you go there in winter, you will have the pleasant surprise of finding this lake in the form of a skating rink.
It is the ideal place to play sports, you will also find many people performing street performances, as you will have understood, Mont-Royal and its park are privileged meeting places open to all.


The underground city :

Winter Montreal is a real ordeal for the inhabitants and its visitors, which is why they had to adapt, Montrealers created a real underground city, to protect themselves from temperatures reaching minus 30° while enjoying life. You will find 30 km of shopping centers, boutiques, offices, restaurants, cinemas and many other activities under the city of Montreal. Fully connected by an underground transport network, it will be the perfect place to go out during cold weather.


Sainte-Catherine Street :

Like all major cities on the American continent, you will find many commercial spaces.
But Sainte-Catherine Street is probably one of the most interesting shopping streets in Montreal.
This 14.5 km artery crowded with tourists and locals is full of chain restaurants, cafes and shops, but also local shops of all kinds.
There is a forum and the old ice rink of the Montreal Canadiens as well as the « Place des arts ». Don’t hesitate to take a walk there.


The Pointe-à-Callière museum :

It is a museum of history and archeology of capital importance for Montreal and as such, it was erected where the first stone of the city was laid.
Built in 1992 to celebrate 350 years of Montreal, this museum presents all its history since the 14th century, you will understand the different cultures that have influenced this city and the different stages that led it to become a great metropolis. You will also find many archaeological relics and vestiges that will bring you closer to the first settlers and all of this has been made possible thanks to the various funding and the use of new technologies that the Pointe-à-Callière museum has been able to put in place.


The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts :

This museum, dating from 1860, is the most visited in the country, there are more than 40 000 works and there are an annual number of visits of no less than 1 000 000 visitors. You will not only find paintings or sculptures, but also elements concerning music, cinema, sewing and design, indeed the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts has chosen to present art with a capital A.


The Jean Talon market :

We love the markets, you must have understood it with the many articles that we have been able to post over time.
Indeed, it is the ideal place to fully soak up the vibrations of the city, located in the Little Italy district, you will find an indoor market offering a considerable variety of local specialties.
The various merchants are proud of their work Etienne with the presentation of their stalls, we can say that it is a very instagramable place which in addition to the form has a delicious background.


The entertainment district :

If you want to participate in festivities, street entertainment or concerts go to the liveliest area of ​​Montreal, the entertainment district.
There is an opera, symphonic house, many theaters and even a museum of contemporary art.
In summer, this district is crowded with people, come for festivals like the Francofolies or just for fun.


Botanical Garden :

It is the second largest botanical garden in the world after the one we presented to you in the article about London.
There are several tens of thousands of varieties of flowers and trees and species that make up the flora of the world. These species include an incredible collection of exotic cactus and orchid plants.
From September to October, you can also attend the festival of lights and from March to April at the butterfly festival.
Do not hesitate to visit this bucolic haven of peace which will fill your head with lots of beautiful images.


This is how we finish our top 10 things to do in Montreal. Do not hesitate to read other articles on our blog and to contact us so that we can accompany you on all of your trips.

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