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TOP 10 things to do in Malaga

Malaga is one of Spain’s most popular destinations. It is the perfect place to enjoy beautiful beaches, refresh yourself in nature, visit museums presenting legendary artists and enjoy the mild weather that this part of the globe offers.

The city has many attractions, without further ado here is our Top 10 things to do in Malaga.


The Picasso Museum :

The Picasso Museum is one of the well-known step to take in Malaga, after all Malaga is the city of birth of the painter.
In this museum, you can discover 80 years of art, methods, techniques and collection of Pablo Picasso.
There are more than 200 works and temporary exhibitions, enough to fill a good day during your stay.


The Alcazaba :

The Alcazaba is an 11th century palace and fortress that keeps the traces of the Arabs who conquered the region, the architecture has all the characteristics of their culture and it is a good way to discover this part of history and admire the grandeur of this incredible building.
It is a unique place in Malaga because of these influences and its size, during the visit, you will be able to admire a view of Malaga and it’s many monuments including the Roman theater.
Alcazaba served both as a palace for Muslim governors and as a fortification to protect the territory.
Built on a hill overlooking Malaga, offering an incredible view of the city, Alcazaba is very well preserved and maintained for a building such as this, we find the various interior rooms, sumptuous gardens, fountains and several patios.
On site, there is an archaeological museum allowing you to admire Moorish works.


The Flamenco Art Museum :

One can hardly talk about Spanish culture without mentioning the dances that can be found there.
One of them, originally from Andalusia, is called flamenco and is so important that there is a museum dedicated to it in Malaga.
This museum retraces the whole history of this dance and brings together many works of art, clothing and instruments intimately linked to Flamenco on 2 floors.
This place is made for passionate and curious people wishing to discover local culture and influences.


The Roman Theater of Malaga :

Vestige of Hispania Romana, located at the foot of the Alcazaba, the Roman theater of Malaga was discovered only in 1951 by chance during the destruction of a building which was above.
This place was a theater for nearly 200 years, then a cemetery, then completely abandoned and used to recover stones for the construction of the Alcazaba Palace.
It is a place full of history and not far, an interpretation center will allow you to learn more about the lifestyles and traditions of the time.


The Botanical and Historical Garden, “La Concepción” :

La Concepción is among the most beautiful gardens on the continent, the garden covers more than 3 hectares.
It is so beautiful and impressive that it entered the list of historical and artistic gardens in 1943. You will find several routes with their own theme, waterfalls, fountains and more than 25 000 plants belonging to more than 3 000 different species.
It is a real haven of peace, to get there from the center, you can either take a bus to the terminus and walk for 20 minutes or choose a private driver with Infinity Luxe Chauffeur to save you the road. Our prices are competitive and our drivers very professional.


De Montes de Malaga Natural Park :

Still on the theme of green spaces, you will find De Montes natural park, 5 km away from the city.
It is the ideal place for lovers of hiking and cycling, the park provides nearly a 100 km of trails for this purpose.
This natural park is considerable, it extends over more than 5 000 hectares and is not far from the coast, perfect if you have planned a sporting day.


Gibraltar Castle :

This castle, built in the 14th century, was intended to protect the Alcazaba.
Gibralfaro Castle is one of the most visited monuments in Malaga, it offers breathtaking views from the top of its ramparts, you will learn more about the history of the region. There was a lighthouse and a barracks housing the soldiers. During the day, if the weather allow it, you can see the Strait of Gibraltar.


The Cathedral of the Incarnation :

The cathedral is located on the site of an old mosque, the only remaining trace of it is the patio full of orange trees.
The construction of the Cathedral of the Incarnation is not quite finished, indeed the main facade and the South tower have not been completed due to a lack of funding.
The interest of visiting this cathedral is based on the view it offers of the Alcazaba, the castle of Gibralfaro and the city as well as its interior. There is a highly decorated ceiling, beautiful stained glass windows and an impressive organ with 4 000 pipes.


The beaches of Malaga :

Malaga is well known for its beaches and its ideal setting for holidays and leisure activities.
Malaga has beautiful beaches, there are 14 km on 16 different beaches sheltered from traffic and the noise population of the city, which makes them ideal for a quiet break and an outing to swim or sunbathe.
On the beaches, you will find many restaurants and merchants offering the culinary classics of Malaga and street-food.


A boat trip :

One of the flagship activities in Malaga is to take a boat trip, the coastline is magnificent in this part of the country.
There are exclusive coves like Peñón del Cuervo, you can go all the way to the Strait of Gibraltar or just take a ride along the coast.
Treat yourself with this great activity, with or without a skipper, we recommend it to spend an unforgettable moment, where you won’t need to think or make physical efforts to enjoy the exceptional setting of the Mediterranean.


Take a trip to the Atarazanas market :

Going to the market is often recommended in our Top 10 things to do, indeed, it is the ideal way to discover a country, its culture and its local specialties.
Malaga’s central market, Atarazanas is housed in a 19th century building with beautiful stained glass windows. In this market, you can find charcuterie, cheese, fruit and vegetables, but also tapas bars to enjoy on the spot.


It was our Top 10 things to do in Malaga, culture, history, local specialties, nature and leisure will have been there.

For your trips to Malaga, we advise you to take a private driver Infinity Luxe Chauffeur, indeed between the endless bus journeys and the fight to find a taxi, booking a trip with our services is much easier.

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