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TOP 10 things to do in Tangier


Tangier is one of Morocco’s flagship cities, there are great places to visit and discover.
Here is our Top 10 things to do in Tangier :


Cape Spartel :

Cape Spartel is well known for its lighthouse dating from 1864, making it the first lighthouse in Morocco. The cape is where the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea meet.
It is a magnificent place where you can take beautiful pictures, you will find Cap Spartel in many illustrations and representations of the city, this Cap is one of the symbols of the city.
The cape is more than 15 km from the city, prepare for a big hike or take one of our private drivers for a hassle-free journey.


The Medina :

The Medina is the perfect way to get lost while discovering the city of Tangier.
The alleys are narrow, we recognize the picturesque town planning of the historic centers of the big Moroccan cities, the alleys are full of colors and an architectural style specific to itself. Locals like to decorate their streets, with plants and various decorations. The Medina is also known for its colorful house doors that can be seen in many photos.
In the Medina there are many shops, malls, a souk and guides roam the streets to find groups wishing their services.


The Grand Socco and the market :

In the center of Tangier, there is a square giving access to the Medina and the fruit and vegetable market.
On the square, there is a fountain where many people come to take their break and also the largest market in the city. There are various handicrafts, local fruits and vegetables.
This place promises you beautiful walks and beautiful finds.


Moroccan gastronomy :

If you go to Morocco, you have to taste the Moroccan gastronomy, it is renowned in the world and very appreciated.
Among the specialties to discover you have pastries, we will often find chocolate, honey, cinnamon, orange blossom and almond in the recipes. In Tangier, you will find many shops that offer them, zlabia, chebakia, ghribia, baghriouate and other delicacies are ready to make you salivate.
Moroccan cuisine is also known for its dishes like couscous, tajine, chicken pastillas and keftas.
Everywhere in Tangier, you can find restaurants serving its traditional dishes that everyone loves and on the street-food side you will find merchants selling batbout and sandwiches made from this bread as well as the famous thousand-hole pancakes, called Baghrir, a personal favorite.


Hafa coffee :

It is probably the best known coffee in the whole city of Tangier and one of the best known in Morocco.
Hafa coffee is known for its breathtaking view of the ocean and Spain, the coffee was built on a slope which allows all consumers to enjoy the view without being bothered by someone’s head.
Many personalities love this café and frequent it when they pass through the city.
On site, you can enjoy a full menu and especially the famous mint tea, symbol of Moroccan drinks. We advise you to do like the Beatles or the Rolling Stones and go to this café to enjoy a tea and some Moroccan pastries.


The Caves of Hercules :

The caves of Hercules are among the most emblematic places of the city, located 15 Km from the city center, to go there it’s either having a private chauffeur with Infinity Luxe Chauffeur or fight to find a taxi and explain to him where you want to go.
These caves take their name from the eponymous hero who would have stayed there after a great journey. It is one of the most famous tourist spots in Morocco, the natural caves are composed of a main corridor and several rooms where their formation allows you to see the ocean.
It is an archaeological site full of secrets or legends continue to be told.


Tangier beach :

In Tangier, you will find a sublime beach of fine sand with a beautiful promenade all along.
Head to the Corniche where you will find a large area with gardens, green spaces, playgrounds as well as shops, cafes and restaurants not far away to reach the beach.
This beach is special because you will set foot in both the ocean and the sea, this beach is appreciated by both locals and tourists for all the activities it offers and the cleanliness of it.


The Perdicaris Natural Park :

This 67 hectares park faces the strait and allows a trip into nature for locals and visitors to Tangier.
This preserved natural park, with a rich and varied flora and fauna, you will be able to see in particular migratory birds there.
Tangier is a living, very dynamic city, this park will give you a break in the greenery and a spectacle of different panoramas and breathtaking nature.


The Kasbah of Tangier :

Built on the heights of the city, its ramparts date from the 13th century. The Kasbah has a few palaces of yesteryear, including the “Dar el Makhzen”, you can stroll through the traditional streets popular with tourists and photo snapshots.
The Kasbah will allow you to admire the port of Tangier and the city from above and if the weather permits, you can see Spain on the horizon.


The place of France :

It is an essential square in the city, its size with its huge garden and its building is even more impressive when you know that the square is located in the city center.
There are shops, the French consulate, banks and cafés such as the Grand Café de Paris, popular with personalities from all over the world.

Tangier is a beautiful city to discover, it is very popular with visitors from around the world and has a unique atmosphere in Morocco.
Take advantage of all that the city has to offer and walk around as much as possible to appreciate the architecture and history of this city.
To do this, you can contact us and hire a private Infinity Luxe Chauffeur.

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