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What are the french collection cars.


Citroën 2CV

The Citroën 2CV also called a Deudeuche. Why 2CV, it is necessary to understand its two fiscal horses. This car is popular in France between October 1948 and July 1990. This car abroad represented the “old France”, but today it has become a myth of French cars, even a museum is fully dedicated to it which is located in Alsace.


Renault R8 Gordini

The Renault R8 Gordini was a sensation, it was unveiled at the Paris Motor Show in 1964. The R8 is known by its speed of 170 km/h, by its races of Rally to win. It became mythical for car rallies or other. Its price can go from 10K to 90K.


Renault R5 turbo 2

The Renault 5 Turbo 2, this little French car with the diamond logo has become a sporting legend not only in France but also in Europe and throughout the world.  Marketed between 1980 and 1986. Its positive points are that it keeps its timeless lines, retro charm, performance and good road handling.


Peugeot 404

The Peugeot 404, the “Super Luxury”. Equipped with a fuel injection engine in 1960, it is considered the first French production sedan and the first coupé/cabriolet.


135 Delahaye

The French car of the 30s. A prestigious car produced before the war in 1935 to 1952. It won several great elegance prizes, with its Art Deco style. Its positive points, a magnificent line, a legend of the roads, an imposing size, and pleasant to drive.


Citroën DS

The Citroën DS “goddess”, revolutionized the automotive industry. It was unveiled at the 1955 Paris Motor Show. The brand marketed it from 1955 to 1975. This Berline/break is adopted by top executives of companies and elected officials of the French republic I’until even becoming the official car of the presidency of General de Gaulle.


Type 57 Bugatti

The Bugatti type 57, the mythical and emblematic model of the prestige brand Bugatti. Designed by Jean Bugatti, it was presented at the Paris Salon in October 1933 at the Grand Palais. Production started in 1934 and ended in 1940. There were only 685 examples. This car is considered as a luxury and prestige sports car.


Facel Vega HK500

The Facel Vefa HK 500 remains a French grand touring car produced between 1958 and 1961. It was presented at the Paris Motor Show in 1958. It is the honor of France its direct competitor is the English Aston Martin DB4.


Voisin C25

Yes, we are talking about a car and not an airplane model. The Type C25 is a prestigious car. The brand Voisin known for its prestiges of Aviation and known to be a French car manufacturer of collection car. The model is presented at the Paris Motor Show 1934. Produced in 28 copies from 1934 to 1937.


Citroën Traction

The Citroën Traction, a car that has engraved the French history in relation to the German occupation, but it keeps a good image it is the icon of the Resistance. More than 750,000 of them were produced between 1934 and 1957. It is also appreciated by the French gangster groups thanks to its presence and its quality of road for the time.



Here is our Top 10 of the French classic cars, for any information do not hesitate to contact us.

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