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Your trip to an Amusement Park with Infinity Luxe Chauffeur: for unconstrained pleasure!

Need to release the pressure after a busy week? Want a moment with the family or to make the most of your loved ones during a trip to an amusement park? While this kind of day promises to be euphoric for the children, it may be less so for the parents or carers. Journey, traffic jams, the constraint of high cost parking and fatigue … everything accumulates and your getaway becomes a real ordeal. So that all these moments of family happiness remain wonderful memories and are not spoiled by little hassles, let yourself be seduced by the services of Infinity Luxe Chauffeur who offers to drive you to the amusement park of your choice in company of a private driver!

High-quality, tailor-made services

With their reputation and experience, the Infinity Luxe Chauffeur teams offer you quality services, so that you can make your trip to the theme park of your choice in peace. Save, both in fatigue and money by booking a private driver, at your entire disposal. Bilingual, discreet, professional and competent, Infinity Luxe Chauffeur’s private drivers will give you the best possible welcome. On board a top-of-the-range vehicle at your convenience, ranging from the classic range to the luxury range, opt for the adequate comfort adapted to your journey and your family. Minibus for families or large groups in the luxury sedan for a journey of undeniable comfort, let yourself be guided and enjoy in all serenity a day of real pleasure, surrounded by your loved ones!

Book for a trip to the theme park of your choice

No matter where in France, do not spin your brain to save road, time and money. With Infinity Luxe Chauffeur, your wish is granted, no matter which destination you have chosen. Focus on the non-exhaustive list of amusement parks where it is possible to go with Infinity Luxe Chauffeur.


Ideal amusement park for a family getaway, let yourself be lulled by its softness and its family and friendly welcome. Open from April to October, this amusement park located in the Province will appeal to young and old alike. Infinity Luxe Chaffeur invites you to take you there so that you can make the most of its assets!

Disneyland Paris

Recognized as the largest amusement park in France, Disneyland Paris is the dream of the young and the older. However, its access and parking spaces can turn out to be drawbacks and may well spoil your trip. It is no surprise that Infinity Luxe Chauffeur offers to take charge of your trip in order to leave your mind free to marvel at the grandiose places of a world-famous amusement park.

Asterix Park

Ultra family-friendly and at the gates of Paris, Parc Asterix is ​​the second most visited theme park in France. With increasingly innovative rides and leisure centers, spend an unforgettable moment of relaxation in this park that looks like a Gallic village. Infinity Luxe Chauffeur will be your main guide for your trip, for your comfort!


Do you want an amusement park that looks like the future? Futuroscope is made for you! Unique in France, come and discover the attractions of the future in this park located between Tours and Poitiers. An unforgettable adventure for medium and large that will enchant you! Infinity Luxe Chauffeur provides a private driver to take you there. So, spend all your energy running your imagination, and make the most of your visit!


In the hollow of the volcanoes of Auvergne, Vulcania makes you discover the true nature of these impressive volcanoes. Between discoveries and surprises, let yourself be guided to discover all that Auvergne nature abounds in. For more comfort and freedom, don’t hesitate any longer: call on the services of Infinity Luxe Chauffeur!

The Puy du Fou

Renowned as unique in the world, the Puy du Fou retraces the life of yesteryear. Between fortified castles and warrior combat, enter a magical world at the gates of history. Infinity Luxe Chauffeur invites you to be part of the trip and to drive you to this impressive park, which lives up to its reputation.


Large amusement park with multiple leisure centers, Walibi is full of treasures for young and old. Make the most of this renowned park and travel to the French border with Infinity Luxe Chauffeur to travel with peace of mind and have fun in all serenity.

Tempted by a family getaway or with friends in an amusement park? Leave your worries about the ride at home and make the most of your trip by booking a private chauffeur from Infinity Luxe Chauffeur to get you where you want to go. Acclimatization Gardens, Le PAL, Nigloland, Vulcania, Disneyland Paris … the list is long and endless! Contact Infinity Luxe Chauffeur for a precise quote and let yourself be guided aboard a luxury and comfortable vehicle!

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